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7 Uses For Your Old PSU Textbooks

While some of us opted, very morally, to go paperless throughout our Penn State careers by never buying a textbook, the rest of us weren’t so sustainability oriented. Thankfully, it’s not too late to hop on the solar powered train of ecofriendly living when it comes to disposing of your textbooks.

7.) Paper PSU Bunnies:

Depending on where you live, there might still be rabbits around, but no bunnies compare to PSU bunnies. Craft some critters out of the pages of your textbooks and paint them grayish brown. Then, place them strategically around your lawn or apartment complex and wait for adorableness to ensue.



6.) Fashion Statement:

Everyone knows high fashion is supposed to be subversive, but most people don’t wear clothing that can also teach you about the global disparity between genders. Take your party attire to the next level and sew together pages from your old textbooks to create clothing that is waste-free and will spark riveting conversation—or, better yet, controversy.


5.) Model University Park Campus:

A great way to hone your architectural skills and reminisce over your stay at PSU is making a model of the campus out of your textbooks’ pages. Come to think of it, the paper PSU bunnies would be better put to use in miniature as part of your model than as life-sized replicas.


4.) Paper Baskets:

Now that you’re kind of an adult, you’ll need receptacles to put useless shit in, you know, paperclips, staples, and the like. What could look more professional than a homemade sustainability project made out of books you paid $300 for but never read? And what’s more adult than spending your paychecks on things you could buy at Walmart for $5.00?


3.) Fiber Is Your Friend:

Who needs Jamba Juice? Making expensive smoothies out of foods that were never meant to be consumed in the form of a beverage is very in right now, just ask the idiots who bought a Juicero. With that in mind, try making your old textbooks into a liquid snack that’ll keep your brain healthy, too.


2.) P(SU)iñata

Start by blowing up some balloons and filling them with your failed exams, job or grad school rejection letters, ghosted texts, stocking-stuffer sized alcohol bottles, etc. Then, shred the pages of your textbook and papier-mache the balloons, making them into piñatas. Get a baseball bat or go Tiger Woods’ ex-wife with a golf club and watch your failures fall to the ground, along with your dignity, which you’ll lose when you pick up the sample alc bottles.


1.) Summer Reading:

Finally, after all the creative ways to dispose of your textbook, comes the option sitting right in front of us all along. This summer while you’re on the job hunt or waiting for your training to begin, you could actually read your textbook. Obviously, you had better things to do than read back in State College, but those times are gone for now. 

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