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7 Ways to Convince Yourself Bi Sci 3 Isn’t Complete Bullshit

You may be asking yourself “What is Bi Sci 3?” and, if you are, you’re not alone. Prof. Christopher Uhl’s 700 student class aims to get students to ask questions and develop their love for the Earth. If that sounds like some big old hippy dippy bullshit to you, we have some ways to change your mind.

7.) It’s about LIFE:
We all live life, but this class wants you to really experience life and hey that’s not so bad. And neither is watching his wife give birth to their child underwater on the enormous projector in 100 Thomas. Oh, boy just you wait.

6). Puns are great:
Every class period begins with some sort of meditation or breathing exercise. If you’re having a bad day just remember at 11:15 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays there’s a chance to take a nice, deep Bi Sigh.

5.) Don’t forget the field trip!!:
If you’re feeling the teaching is a bit hypocritical with all this talk about the love of mother nature while sitting inside a gray room, then you are obviously forgetting the wonderful field trip. Here you will get to hug a tree! And walk barefoot for a little as you wander around Walnut Springs Park for a full FOUR HOURS.

4.) You’ve already learned what water is:
It’s important. We drink it, but do you know what it is? After the first week’s reflection you’ve already hurdled a great milestone in your Bi Sci experience. Water is whatever the hell you wrote a page about. Where else can you get great education like that?

3.) Satisfies natural sciences (GN) gen ed:
If you’re grinding your teeth through lecture and sitting quietly through lab while your TA tells you “You have the power to be free of your shackles,” then hold onto the comfort that your gen eds are one step closer to completion. Holding hands in a circle beats a biology lab any day, right?

2.) Headaches can be inspiring:
From suffering comes rebirth. After 50 minutes of watching TAs run around the stadium-sized lecture hall handing microphones to students and listening to someone talk about how that 30-second video made them feel, there is a large chance you have a “pissed-off” headache. But if you listened to the lecture you’d know that pain and death are teachers. It’s all part of the Bi Sci process.

1.) Not BS, just Bi Sci:
Still having trouble wrapping your mind around the class? Then just reframe your meaning of BS. It’s not bullshit, it’s Bi Sci! Regular bullshit doesn’t include handwriting in a journal and decorating the cover with your personality, that’s Bi Sci BS, silly.

We here at The Black Sheep are known for our BS (hey it’s even our initials!), so just remember in every load of bullshit there’s a bit of truth. We hope you can find some smidgen of truth or meaning in the rest of your Biological Science adventure!

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