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PSU Senior Interviews: How Does it Feel to Be Graduating in Less than 100 Days?

With 93 days left until graduation, it’s time to start thinking about the future. Half of Penn State’s class of 2018 doesn’t know what they’re eating for their next meal, let alone their post-grad plans. The Black Sheep took to the sidewalks and hallways of Penn State and asked THE question that every senior dreads: “How do you feel about graduating in less than 100 days?” Here are their responses.

8.) “Personally, I have no words, just a lot of fear.” –Liz R. (Integrative Arts):We feel you on this one, Liz. Graduation is just around the corner. It feels like just last week we were throwing down for sylly week. It’s time to get serious, get studious, and lock down those post-grad jobs. You shouldn’t just be scared about graduating; you should really be scared about trying to find a job in art.

7.) “Trying to enjoy it while it lasts.” –Sal M. (Media Studies):
The sweet, sweet, nostalgia of senior year. The last of many firsts, the first of many lasts. Why remember your last semester as a senior when you can forget it at the bars while applying for jobs? Skellar closed, but don’t let that stop you from wasting your night at the Gaff (a staff favorite) or getting a head start on 55 days at Café. Drink till those grades drop.

6.) “I’m gonna like, kill myself on the day of graduation.” –Hannah F. (Mass Communications):

This might be a bit drastic, but it’s exactly what we’re all thinking. We’re all afraid to graduate without a job. We know that studying mass communications takes little to no effort to achieve. If you’re walking across the stage without a job, don’t fret, you’ve got 6 months until you have to start paying off those student loans.

5.) “Very excited to start a new chapter in my life and keep in contact with my friends.” –Rachel S. (Hospitality Management):
Finally, something positive. We agree, starting new chapters is always exciting. Although we appreciate the fact that you think you’ll stay in contact with your clique, let’s face it, everyone says that and nobody does that.

4.) “It’s going to be a bittersweet time” –Anisha W. (Media Studies):

Bittersweet? Like Bittersweet Mint from the creamery?  C’mon, we’ve got three months left. Be like Sal, enjoy senior year while it lasts. Don’t focus on the negatives, focus on your two capstones and power through these last 93 days. You need to have fun before you’re stuck in a 9-5 job that you already hate just thinking about it.

3.) “Fuck off” –Megan M. (Biological Engineering):
We couldn’t agree more.

2.) “Super sad to leave Penn State and my friends but also I’m super excited to be done with school work for the time being.” –Annie R. (Psychology):

We’re all sad. Our time at dear old state is coming to an end. But let’s take a look at this: “I’m super excited to be done with school work for the time being.” Why on god’s green earth would you torture yourself with more education?

1.) “It’s crazy, I don’t even want to think about it.” –Megan M. (Film):

It’s super crazy. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were little, bright-eyed freshman, with nowhere to go but up. Face it, you’ve peaked, and there’s nothing left for you here at Penn State. Don’t be a washed-up alumnus attempting to feel young again.

We here at The Black Sheep understand that graduation is right around the corner. We get it. The Class of 2018 is EXCITED to get out of here and start new chapters, it’s CRAZY to think that graduation is in less than 100 days. But at the end of the day, we were advised to stop using the “G” word until May, 4-6th.

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