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The 8 Strangest Clubs at Penn State


Penn State is home to more than a thousand student organizations. A lot of them are straightforward clubs you’ll find at any college, and others are…well, the others are unique. Here are 8 of the strangest clubs at Penn State University.


8.) Beekeeper’s Club:
The Beekeeper’s Club provides a place for people to practice their love of collecting and maintaining bees. Ever since the famous bee incident in the HUB that led to the tragic death of 48 bees, beekeeping has been discouraged on campus. The Beekeeper’s Club is the last place students can raise bees in peace without the threat of an oppressive dean looming over them.


7.) Cheese Club:
The Cheese Club provides a place to discuss your love for cheese without the fear of being judged. The stated mission is to provide an environment in which people with an interest in cheese can come together and learn more about its production, presentation, and consumption. They watch cheese related movies, root for the Packers, and have heated debates surrounding the virtues of Swiss cheese.


6.) Feel Your Balls Club:
This club makes the list on title alone. When you hear the club name Feel Your Balls you probably think that it provides a safe-environment to touch yourself without the fear of judgment. Or we just might be weird fucks. In reality, it has the noble goal of raising awareness about testicular cancer. We’ll admit though, we were a little disappointed when we learned it wasn’t about touching yourself.


5.) Pokémon Society:
This isn’t just a club; it’s a society. Pokémon is a way of life, and this club allows you to duel against other trainers at Penn State University. Universities love seeing this on a resume, and we’ve heard numerous stories of applicants bonding with interviewers over their mutual respect for the legendary Pokémon Zapdos.


4.) Quidditch Club:
When we first heard this was a thing, we honestly thought it was a joke. Then when we heard it was real, we assumed that it was more like a Polo Club and they rode on some sort of animal or machine while playing. Then we heard that members pretend they’re flying and jump with a broomstick under them. We don’t understand how Quidditch Club members aren’t constantly afraid as they run around with a stiff object so close to their junk. But hey, whatever floats your boat.


3.) Shy Social Club:
This club has a notorious for its low membership. The club name is a contradiction in itself. How do you find a bunch of shy people for your social club? We imagine the club meetings involve a lot of awkward silences, anxious breathing, uncomfortable eye contact, and fruit. Shy people love fruit.


2.) Small and Exotic Animal Club:
Don’t you hate when you go to a Small Animal Club meeting and they only discuss “mainstream” small animals like ants and cockroaches, or when you go to the exotic animal club and they only discuss pretty colorful animals. With the Small and Exotic Animal Club you can finally combine my passion for small and exotic animals without dealing with the “casual animal lover.”


1.) Yu-GI-Oh Trading Card Game Club:
If you thought the Pokémon club was strange, how about a club for Pokémon’s less popular, nerdy stepbrother who has scoliosis, Yu-GI-Oh. Once again there’s nothing wrong with being into an old childhood game, and wanting to participate in that game with some of your college friends. It’s just… we didn’t realize that Yu-GI-Oh was big enough to still be a thing. Is there also a Bakugan club?  

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