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Top 10 Vlad Vodka Recipes

Vladmir vodka is the quintessential vodka of college. Immediately from the label, you can tell what kind of high quality product you’re getting. Under the beautiful label artwork it says “Distilled from Grain.” And that shit’s in cursive, so you know it’s classy. It’s literally one of the top five vodkas brewed in the peaceful town of Baltimore Maryland. Even though Vlad is absolutely delicious, it tends to have a stigma associated with the name alone. So, in order to show why Vlad is the best vodka around, we’ve assembled this delightful list of Vlad recipes:


10.) Old Vlad-shioned:

Why not use Vlad to classy up the original old fashioned even more? Just stir together two parts Vlad, a dash of bitters, and a splash of water in a cup of ice. Then, strain it into a low ball glass with muddled cherries and ice. You’re sure to look like a modern day Don Drapper with an Old Vlad-shioned.


9.) Vlad Martini: Another Vlad cocktail, Vlad martini is perfect for any occasion. The combination of the silky Vermouth and robust flavor of Vlad makes for possibly the best modern cocktail. If James Bond saw one of these, he’d want that Vlad shaken, not stirred.


8.) Wadka:

This fantastic water-vodka mixture was actually discovered by accident. Story has it, two freshman were sick of diluting that irresistible taste of Vlad with mixers, so they decided to mix it with flavorless water instead. This way, you can have the convenience of a mixed drink with the charm of pure Vlad.


7.) Penne with Vlad Sauce: Next time you go to make vodka sauce, use Vlad. The combination of whole grain pasta and Vlad works so naturally. After all, Vlad is distilled from grain. What gives it such a high-quality taste is all that high-quality grain it’s distilled with.


6.) Chicken Marsala (with Vlad!): Simply sauté lightly-breaded chicken breast that’s been marinated for 24 hours in Vlad. The chicken actually soaks up all of Vlad’s natural flavors through the marination process. And if you like gravy, pour the Vlad flavored juices from the pan over white rice. It’ll be the best white rice you’ve ever had!


5.) Pepperoni and Vlad Pizza: Nothing mixes Italian and Russian culture together better than this simple recipe. Just mix canned tomatoes with Vlad as a sauce and spray the edges of the crust with some tasty Vlad. This takes drunk food to a whole new level!


4.) Crème Brû-Vlad: This fancy twist on a French delicacy is a very fast way to impress any dinner party. Just make the original crème brûlée recipe and drizzle a hefty helping of Vlad on top. This scrumptious topping is sure to destory anyone’s stigma towards the drink. Bon appétit!


3.) Peanut Butter and Vlad Jelly:

This recipe will bring back nostalgia of childhood for anyone. The secret to this recipe is using Vlad instead of jelly. In fact, you should probably just douse the whole sandwich. Vlad is so good, you won’t even taste the difference!


2.) Vlad Berry Pie: Nothing says summer like raspberry pie, an already delicious dessert only Vlad could ever make better. It’s simply a raspberry pie just absolutely drenched in that sweet, sweet Vlad. Mmm, just think about that luxurious vodka distilled from only the finest of grains.


1.) Vladios:

Never forget to eat a healthy breakfast! Starting the day off with a bowl of cheerios and Vlad has actually been proven to have you feeling happier.  There’s nothing better to look forward to than some of that smooth Vlad early in the morning.

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