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If You’re Not Following These 7 PSU Instagram Accounts then TF You Doing?

We see you scrolling through Instagram during lecture in Forum. Hell, we see all kinds of things on your screen, but that is beside the point. In case you’re bored of the usual Old Main pics, we’ve got seven high-quality Instas to liven up your feed.

7.) @psupets:
Are you sick and tired of attending a university that isn’t pet friendly? Well have no fear! These gracious pet-owning students have claimed University Park as their home. This account features all the fluffy friends that hide behind apartment and house doors where their owners pray they don’t get kicked out by their landlords.

6.) @sneezysquirrel:


Penn State just wouldn’t be Old State without her squirrels. This wonderful squirrel named “Sneezy” posts all her relevant University Park escapades here, each complete with an appropriately themed costume. We personally adore the photo of Sneezy in her tiny helmet walking her bike on Pattee Mall.

5.) @pennstateski:

Yes, Penn State has a ski team and they practice on that tiny mountain called Tussey. This highly esteemed club dictates the direction of the social scapes on Instagram and is a must for anyone who considers him or herself “hip”.

4.) @pennstatesia:
The law building on North campus doesn’t just contain law students, but also graduate students studying international affairs. And boy do they have a great Insta account. Check out their cheeky post about how many water bottles the newly installed fountain has saved. (Hint: It’s 69.)

3.) @puppiesofpennstate:

PUPPIES. We all love puppies and what’s better than looking at puppies next to The Lion Shrine or donning Penn State apparel? Actually, cuddling said puppy would be better, but Instagram has yet to find a way to send puppies through the internet. Until this technology appears, we hope you enjoy this account.

2.) @blacksheep_penn:
Do you think we mean The University of Pennsylvania’s Instagram account? No, silly readers. This is The Black Sheep PSU account! Our wonderful marketing team lost the password for the more aptly named account, so check this new one out!

1.) @psucoffee:
If you are anything like your fellow classmates, you awaken to the promise of coffee to get you through the snowy, sludgy sidewalks this campus considers to be “shoveled.” But if you love coffee for more than just your barebones survival, @psucoffee is the account for you! Take a gander at suave students pouring coffee and promoting their club at 6:45 p.m. on Thursdays.

We hope you rejuvenate your feed with school spirit and cute animals. Oh, and don’t forget that cool, but confusingly named blacksheep_penn. It’s hard to remember all your passwords.

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