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14 Ultimate “Bad and Boujee” Rhymes for Pitt Students


You heard it all break while slinging dope on the corner. “Rain Drop, Drop Top” from Bad and Boujee by Migos Here at Pitt we all know we’re boujee on the streets and bad in the sheets, but just to clear this meme up, here’s a definition of boujee for you:

1. High class, flossin’, ballin’.
2. One who posesses swag. Elite, rich.


People have been making up their own rhymes for this hot bar and The Black Sheep figured we’d help all the ‘lil yachtys out there tryna spit with some of our hottest rhyming to this famous line.


14.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. Last Semester was a Flop:
Your break couldn’t have come soon enough and you bombed your finals


13.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. Cathy Make my Heart Drop:
When she got a real flavor outfit on when you walking down Forbes and fifth and you gotta tell her.


12.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. Someone Play the Kidz Bop:
Yeah, sometimes in South O we get tired of trap music at parties and wanna listen to All Star By Smash Mouth sung by a bunch of rich white kids


11.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. My Professor Won’t Stop:
When your professor tryna give notes on the first day and you already showed up late.


10.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. She Got on that Crop Top:
When you see a dime at a party and she picked the nice looking crop top even though its winter.


9.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. I Gotta go to Lothrop:
You not having fun at all today.


8.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. I Hate the Hilltop:
When you’re not tryna walk up the hill but the 10A driver takin the xtra long smoke break.


7.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. Penn State Sucks:
It rhymes, and if you say it dosen’t, then you’re probably from Penn State and you probably had an issue with Kanye rhyming Kanye with Kanye.


6.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. Market Crap Go Kerplop:
You ate too much market and you are a freshman.


5.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. I Just Made Out with the Bellhop:
When you at a crazy party at the Wyndham


4.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. Over Break I Make a Sheltered Workshop:
You studied abroad in like Haiti or something and built a shed and left and called it charity.


3.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. I Need More Schnapps:
You’re out of alcohol and the only booze store just closed.


2.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. I Gotta Run from a Cop:
When the Pitt Police tryna bust you for some crazy-ish


1.) Rain Drop. Drop Top. Yo Lets go Watch Robocop:
You wanna come watch Robocop?


These are some of the matches to kick off your suppa hot inferno of rap battle fury at the next throw-down. Just make sure you have the flow or at least people can’t tell what you’re saying (looking at you Future and Young Thug). Just make sure you give a shout out to The Black Sheep amidst your absolutely goofy rhyme spree.



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