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4 Schools You’d Rather Be Attending in January than Pitt

So we’re all back from break. No more homemade food, no more waking up at noon, and no more drinking 7 days a week. As if the reality check Market dinner and that 8 a.m. provide isn’t enough to bring your spirits down, the month of January should do the trick. The grey skies, slush, and chilling winds make that new semester all the more miserable to start. But this isn’t something everyone deals with. Not all schools are created equal, and that rings true even more so in winter. So here’s a couple places you might wish you were right now if you could do things over again…

4.) Pepperdine:
Remember how, when you were a young teenager, you would flip on Nickelodeon and watch some Zoey 101 and think, “Wow, I wish I went to that school!”. Well, 8 years later and you probably say the same thing when you look at Pepperdine (where Zoey 101 was, in fact, filmed). Some of us can see Cathy when we look outside our window but nowhere on the East coast can you find a view as gorgeous as this? Its January, and the average temperature at Pepperdine is 66 degrees. Waking up for an 8 am never seemed more bearable.

3.) Clemson: 
Ok, so Clemson might be slightly warmer this time of year than Pitt, but the real benefit of being on Clemson’s campus is simple; they just brought home a National Championship. The Tigers are probably still in a state of celebration as you read this. People probably haven’t sobered up. Do we even know if they’ve had their first class yet? Do we even know if they’re going to have a Spring semester? All we know is that most of the student body is probably getting lucky for the next week and a half. Congrats Clemson, 14-1 is a hell of an achievement, though maybe that 1 loss means you weren’t really the best team in the country….

2.) Hogwarts:
We can make jokes about how much the Cathedral looks like Hogwarts. We can tell ourselves that we’re glad we’re done going through that awkward, puberty filled prison they call high school, but let’s be honest with each other; we’d go back in a heart beat if it meant we could attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (and have Emma Watson as one of our classmates). This really doesn’t have much to do with the time of year, as you’d probably prefer to be in Hogwarts during every season of the year, but maybe you wish for a little more magic in your life when you’re marching through the slush of the sidewalk on a cold winter’s day.

1.) Not Penn State:
Pitt could be experiencing a category 5 hurricane, accompanied by an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0, with Donald Trump as the sole dictator of our University, and it would still be a more attractive option than Penn State. There is never a moment where we wish we were Nittany Lions and by God there never will be.


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