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5 Fun Things You Can Do in Pittsburgh This Winter


Pitt students all know that Pittsburgh is notorious for it’s harsh winters. Winters here are less about lots of pretty snow and cancelled classes and more about sub-zero temperatures and fighting icy winds and trying not to wipe out on the ice on your way to lecture. This semester has been unusually warm for Pittsburgh, but we can be sure that extreme and unpleasant winter weather is on its way. But just because the temperature drops to dangerously low levels doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Here are some great activities to enjoy during Pittsburgh winter.


5.) Wearing All Your Clothes at Once:
Deciding what to wear in the morning can be a drag. You have a lot of options and it’s too early to be making decisions that you’ll have to deal with all day long. But you’re in luck! Winter weather gets rid of that problem by forcing you to wear every article of clothing you won at once! You have to layer at least five sweaters and three pairs of pants to face the wind outside, so you won’t have to struggle to with your indecision again until spring!


4.) Gaining a Lot of Weight:
Under the cover of layers and layers of coats and scarves, you’re totally free to let yourself go. Obviously you’re not going to go for a run when the roads are covered in ice and you can’t go to the gym – getting your muscles all heated up then stepping out into the freezing cold would be a shock to your system. You’ll probably have to stay drunk all the time so you can keep a constant beer jacket on, so that’s a few thousand extra calories every day. You can make a game out of it with your friends and see who can put on weight the fastest. Don’t feel guilty, it’s for your health.


3.) Taking the Bus a Block:
Getting from Towers to the Cathedral may barely be a five minute walk, but when it’s below zero outside, that feels like forever. But, don’t forget, you get free bus rides with your Pitt ID. Jump on the 71B outside of Towers patio, then get off a block later at the Cathedral. Easy, minimal time spent in the cold, and feels like a little adventure!


2.) Coming up with Excuses Not to Go to Class:
Pitt is frustratingly stubborn when it comes to closing down for weather-related reasons. Once in a while, you’ll get lucky because your professor also woke up that morning and thought no friggin way and you’re off the hook for that class, but more often, they expect you to show up. Get your creative juices flowing by thinking up plausible reasons for missing class or brainstorming ways to bribe a doctor for a note.


1.) Huddling Around a Space Heater:
Find that one friend in your group who has a space heater in their apartment and convince them to host a small gathering at their place. Spend the night with all of your best friends bonding while huddled around the heater. Whatever happened to just sitting in a circle staring at each other?


So don’t let the weather get in your way this winter. As you can see, there are tons of ways to take advantage of the cold and have loads of fun.


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