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5 Best Places to Get Pitt Drunk Food for Cheap

Ever so drunk on a weekend you can’t function? Too lazy to go to market? Are you really broke too? You’re a Pitt student, of course you answered yes to all of these things. Here are the top 5 places to get food late at night when you’re incapacitated and have only ten dollars on you at the most.

5.) Random Food Carts in South O:
While wandering in the streets of South O, hammered and easily convinced, that familiar smoke blows in your face. You waft the sweet scent of ambiguous meat and it smells divine. Your second dinner was only sub-par because the grilled chicken line at market was long so you’re wrap wat weak and meatless. You need protein. You need sustenance. You need to treat yo’ self.

4.) 7-Eleven on Forbes:
This place is best for us youngsters who still live on campus. You can grab any snack you desire on a student budget. If you can’t reach Sorrento’s or you’re too drunk and lazy to walk there, get a pizza for just five dollars. Perhaps you want to shove it in Krispy Kreme’s face and purchase a stale ass donut from the bakery case. Or, maybe you want to grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for when Market To-Go doesn’t have your flavor. Unfortunately, if you think dairy is Satan and need the flavors sans milk, 7-Eleven won’t cover you. You can, however, get those funky hip dried snap pea snack things. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s cheap and it’s here.

3.) McDonald’s on Forbes:
If you don’t care what you’re putting in your body and you just know you’re hungry, this is the place for you. It might possibly be the cheapest meal on this list, depending on what you buy. And how much you buy depends on how much you drank in the last hour. Just one natty or two? A simple value fry should hold you over. A couple shots and like one beer? Maybe you wanna get a snack wrap. So much you can’t even remember how you even got here let alone how much you drank? Two big macs, a large fry, and three waters for you. Whatever you’re level of drunk, Mickey D’s got you covered.

2.) The O:
Hands down, these will be the best drunk fries you ever eat. Or at least in Pitt. Share a small fry with your entire squad for under five dollars and you’ll still have leftovers. Except when Becky is there and eats like half the fries and double dips in the cheese sauce. If, however, you and your squad are like twenty frat bros or something then perhaps a medium is more suitable. A large is best for finals week.

1.) Sorrento’s:
Heck yes. This place has it all. You can enjoy your lovely, cheesy goodness surrounded by a few dozen other drunk, hungry Pitt students. You’ll most certainly see some friends you forgot you knew and a few past hook-ups you pretend you don’t see. And who knows, maybe you’ll make some new friends sharing one of the few booths. You’re probably talking very loudly and eating aggressively disgustingly, but hell, it’s 2 A.M. and you’re having fun and eating pizza for just six dollars.

So, those are the cheapest places you can find yourself if you’re hungry and previously shot-gunned a few Natties.


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