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7 Signs You’ve Been Studying in Hillman Way Too Long


Finals week is fast approaching so you know what that means. It means it’s time to desperately try to save your grades by studying all night in Hillman even though you know you’re way past the point of hope. At this point you’re a little like that expired iTunes gift card your aunt gave you for Christmas last year – you know you can’t be redeemed anymore, but you don’t really mind at this point.


But you’re going to give it the old college try by shacking up in Hillman for 36 straight hours before your exams. And even though it’s all going to be worth it when you pass, it’s stressful. So The Black Sheep has some signs you’ve been studying in Hillman way too long.


7.) You’ve Already Forgotten what the Sun Looks Like:
Hillman’s an okay building… if you like giant concrete mountains with bleak slits for windows. Let’s face it when you’re on the ground floor the only light you’ve got is a few fluorescent bulbs and your laptop screen. But who needs the sun when you’ve got good grades, right?


6.) You’ve Only Had Coffee to Eat…for Days:
Hillman is so close to the thousand Starbuck’s locations on campus. They even have their own café to serve you up some liquid alert. You’re eyes are red as the pen your professor is going to use to tear apart your exam and your heart is beating faster than when you’re exercising (ya, right), but it’s okay. Once the caffeine wears off at the end of the month you’ll be back to normal!


5.) Those Books are Looking Mighty Comfy:
As if you’ve never thought about taking a nap among the bookshelves. If you venture to the fifth floor we bet nobody will even notice you…


4.) You’re on First-Name Basis with the Stranger at the Next Table:
You’ve both been trying so, so hard to keep your focus. But it didn’t work. You’ll now take a conversation about Pokemon with a total stranger over reading one more powerpoint. You see him every day though, so is he really a stranger?


3.) You’ve Read the Same Elevator Button Three Times:
And you still can’t figure out which floor you’re on or which floor you need to get to. They’re all the same anyway, right? They may not all smell like coffee and baked goods but they’ve got tables and books (that nobody ever seems to be reading), so you’re content with either floor.


2.) You Forgot Your Own Name:
When you told yourself that all you need to know is OChem and breathing you didn’t imagine your mind would discard your own name! But it has! You have to check your wallet every time somebody asks you your name because honestly are you even a person anymore or just a robot that knows a lot about school?


1.) You’re Reading The Black Sheep:
That’s how you know you’ve sunk to a new depth of despair. Enjoy the distraction while it lasts.


If you are someone you know has been studying in Hillman for far too long, let them be – it’s damn near finals week! Good luck, panthers… you’re going to need it!

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