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The Absolute Best (And Stupidest) Posts of Pitt’s Weird Subreddit

Reddit doesn’t usually make the list of college student’s favorite social media apps. With a layout straight outta the ’90s and an infinite array of subreddits on any topic, it can be a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, Pitt has its own little corner of the Reddit community to call its own, where nerdy students can come together to share their thoughts and feelings. Here are some of the highlights:

6.) This person asking the hard questions:

Not only does this Redditor know what needs to be asked, but they have very specific criteria for who can answer. Ill-informed Pitt students who power-walk South O need not respond.

5.) Paul Revere over here:

Entering valiantly on horseback is this brave messenger, alerting the townspeople that Wireless Pittnet is trash. Ripperino my friends.

4.) Captain Gullible and their cruel friend:

Were it not for the compassion of the Reddit community, this dynamic duo would still be trying to complete the OCC in order to graduate.

3.) Classes:

Having access to Reddit but not Google must be a bitch. Yikes.

2.) This naïve prospective student:

Poor soul. This person is in for a rude awakening. Listen to the people–MARKET FOOD IS ONLY GOOD ON THE TOUR!

1.) This person who ain’t got no time for Campus Clarity:

What happens if you don’t finish it? I think the first comment says it best. He’ll come for you. You won’t see it coming. Alone in your dorm one night, your Campus Clarity module still unfinished, a shadowy figure will appear before you. It will be the Chancellor himself, wielding the hammer of justice.

A host of other Pitt intel is available on the Pitt subreddit. Check it out for more gems like these.

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