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Amazing! This Girl’s Definition Of Self-Care Is Skipping Class To Eat Sorrento’s

Pitt emphasizes self-care and mental health as all universities should during the stressful transition from summer to schoolwork; the student health office encourages eating Sorrentos, drinking water, getting enough sleep, practicing safe sex, and taking study breaks.

Freshman Laura Jenkins is taking this advice to heart by practicing her own unique version of self-care: narrowly avoiding getting too drunk on Thirsty Thursdays, puking in her roommate’s bed, throwing her cell phone at the wall the next morning when her 9 a.m. alarm goes off, and skipping her first and only class of the day to eat a whole double cheese Sorrento’s in bed.

“Self-care is about doing what’s good for you, and I like really think my chakras would align if I watched FRIENDS and ate 1600 calories worth of grease,” Jenkins said. “#ItGetsBetter you know?”

Jenkins can back up her claims on mental health because she has now attended two of five of her Intro to Psychology lectures. She also got her palm read at Myrtle Beach once and the carnie charging $20 for a five-minute session was totally legit.

“Fridays are for me,” Jenkins continued. “I’m being responsible and taking some time for myself by that burying my face in a fat pizza, the toilet, or last night’s hookup for round two.”

When asked if the strategy of individualized self-care would pay off for her Psychology midterm, Laura said “We have a midterm?”

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