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Best Bathroom Graffiti of Pitt’s Men’s Rooms

It’s an encounter we’ve all had in our time using Pitt bathrooms. In fact, a very famous book was published on the subject. But for one reason or another, certain people feel the need to defile the restrooms that we all defile with graffiti writing on the stalls. Why? It may be a cry for help. Or it may simply be a way to pass the time. No matter how you explain it, there is certainly an abundance of bathroom graffiti inhabiting the lonely stalls of Pitt’s men’s rooms. As for the women’s restrooms, that’s another story for another day. But here are the best six bathroom graffiti our dedicated writers could find.

6.) This political gem:

image1 (1)

It’s no secret that we live in a brave new world of “alternative facts” but this one might just be a little too alternative. Our president (as painful as those words are to read) has said something similar to this himself. But the author of this graffiti is probably just editorializing.

5.) This goodbye message from a sad Panther senior:

image1 (2)

Graduating is hard. It means saying goodbye to the school and the friends you loved so much. But leaving behind Market? C’mon, man! That’s an easy break to make, especially when you consider the Market bathroom, in which this piece of graffiti gold was found.

4.) Whatever the hell this says:


We’re not translation experts here at The Black Sheep. So, we actually have no real clue what this says, but it looks awesome. That’s why we’ve included it in this list of great graffiti.

3.) A message we can all get behind:

image2 (1)

Who doesn’t love a little ranch? It goes well with salads, chicken, pizza and evidently bathroom stalls. Maybe if everybody had a little more ranch in their lives the world would be a better place to live. But that’s just dreamy optimism.

2.) A question we’ve all been wondering:


Do these people come into the bathroom with the sole intention to write graffiti? There are other uses for a bathroom that don’t include vandalism. We whole-heartedly agree with the author of this message, how would one reach the stall door from the seat without some serious flexibility?

1.) A friendly reminder of a universal truth:


Philosophers have discussed the nature of evil since the beginning of civilization, and probably before that too. And once Mermaid Man cracked into the truth behind evil, the world became a sadder and a wiser place to live. Thank you to this true hero for reminding us that every villain is indeed lemons.

If you happen to be in a public restroom, don’t deface it. That’s childish. But if you do, try to best our top six with something funny, witty or downright unique.


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