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Best Places to Hang Your Hammock Now that Spring is “Here”


Now that Spring is just around the corner, it means that its soon time for lounging, relaxing and chilling out. There probably isn’t a better way to relax than hanging in a hammock. I mean who doesn’t love using the laws of physics for their own enjoyment?


5.) Between Tower A and B:
This is a very underrated place to secretly have a hammock. It has a phenomenal view over the entire campus and downtown as well, and can probably be a fantastic vantage point. This could be a great getaway point, and it seems pretty safe as well.


4.) On Top of Cathy:
Now this would be one hell of a view. Being 535 feet in the air, you would have the complete view of the city. Don’t forget that you’d be sharing the top with the family of falcons that happens to be living there on top of Cathy as well. Maybe if you’re lucky, the mother might take you as one, and you can just live your life as a hawk, preying on innocent freshman. 


3.) In the Rafters of the Pete:
This seat is probably one of the best in the house, and you don’t have to pay for a ticket (hopefully). This spot could give you a free view of all the basketball games, as well as practice and other evens all for FREE. Just hope that the technician doesn’t notice and take your hammock down.


2.) Schenley Park:
This could be probably be the best and most scenic place out of this entire list, it it weren’t for the constant smell of weed and dog shit. Schenley park offers a very peaceful and serene landscape to just lay in your hammock, stare at the sky, and not care about anything else in the world.


1.) Under Your Own bed:
That’s right. Bet you didn’t expect this one. Well, if the weather isn’t nice or you’re just too lazy to hang it else where, a hammock under a high lofted bed is very underrated. Many people have bunks or beds that can adjust heights, so this would be the optimal place to hang them. Just hang lose, bro.




WATCH: For some, spring break is about partying on the beach. For others, it’s about wallowing in despair:


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