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Pitt’s Daddy of the Week: Reed Karsh


This week we have a little something special for our thirsty readers. Watch out, ‘cause here comes the Daddy of the Week. Our bachelor for this week is Reed Karsh, The Black Sheep Pitt’s finest editor and memer. He likes long walks on the beach with a dank bottle of Henny and solid articles submitted on time (of which this is not one). Hold onto your panties, ladies.


Name: Reed Karsh
Twitter Handle: @ReedKarsh
Year: Senior
Major: English Writing and Economics
Relationship Status: The Most Single
Fraternity: Phi Kappa Theta
Boxers or Briefs? Neither


Tell us a dad joke.
Why did the plane crash? Because a loaf of bread was flying it.


What’s worse: puking up tequila or waking up with a soft 3 lying next to you? Why?
Having done neither of those things in my time, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that’s probably the tequila. As bad as a soft 3 is (wow I can’t believe I’m talking like this) you can at least take comfort in the fact that you’re not in any physical pain. But vomiting sucks ass.


What’s your favorite thing to yell at your wife during a pointless argument?
When my fictional wife and I argue I like to quote the greatest artist of our generation: 2Chainz. I shout “You getting mad, I’m getting rich.”


When’s the best time of the day for lawn darts? Why?
11 a.m. The sun’s up, but it’s not too hot. Also, it’s socially acceptable to be drinking beer. Even if isn’t, I’m gonna do it anyway.


What cartoon character best describes how fratty you are? Why?
Eeyore definitely, because he goes along with the antics of Pooh and the rest of the gang, but he’s never really happy about it. Seems like me.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a bar?
On my 21st birthday we went out Gene’s and I watched these women, they were probably immigrants because they weren’t speaking English but what the hell do I know. Anyway, they were trying to figure out how the dart machine worked, they played a game and swapped scores with each other more than once, like player 1 became player 3 with no explanation. Maybe I was drunk, but it was bizarre.


What’s the most creative way to get rid of a pesky bout of Gonorrhea? Asking for a friend.
I’ve heard ignoring it helps.


What do you do when your kids are acting up in the back of the minivan?
I go to McDonalds and get ice cream for just myself and make them watch while I eat it.


Why do you think you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?
Because I won Deepher Dude.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?
Because it’s hella dank. Also, I was the editor so like, help your boy out.




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