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Five Things Pitt Students Already Miss About Living in Oakland

It may have been less than two months since we’ve said goodbye to our dear Pitt, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t already yearn for campus. Here are six things that you definitely already miss about Oakland:


Late night half-drunk Sorrento’s

The gooey cheese and warm pepperoni encased goodness settling right into your cheap-beer-filled stomach makes that lame party worth it. There is no better end to a night than drunk pizza, and whether you manage to wait to walk all the way back to your dorm, or scarf it down in two minutes, drunk Sorrento’s is a part of any Pitt student’s life. When you move for the summer, your diet usually becomes a little healthier. You probably won’t be drinking as much, because it turns out your high school friends are jerks and have decided on a sober summer. Even if you live in a college town, finding a late night pizza joint is hard, and even then, you feel like you’re trespassing. It’s not your place, and these aren’t your people.


Never skipping leg day

“This is it,” you tell yourself for the third time today, “I’m finally going to go to the 24-hour gym they just put in. I’m going to come back to campus this fall and look hot.”


When you do finally make it to the gym you have a startling realization. You. Have. To. Do. Leg. Day


Unless you’re super into being the most swole you can be, walking through Oakland is really enough of a leg challenge. Anyone who’s hiked to Benedum or Crabtree on a regular basis knows Pittsburgh is as flat as that busty girl who hit puberty the earliest. Built right into the Pennsylvania countryside, our city saves us time at the gym because we have to walk all the way to the Pete to even start it.


Coming home is different, because even if you do live in a city and mostly walk, it’s definitely not as hilly as Pittsburgh… Unless you’re in San Francisco, then God have mercy on your legs.


Everyone being a Pitt fan

Pitt and Penn State have always had an interesting dynamic, with Pitt being better in every aspect (except football) and Penn State having football. Gallagator may be a lizard person, but he’s no Sandusky. The fact of the matter is, Happy Valley sucks and coming home is an unpleasant reminder that your nice neighbor is an alumnus with a car plastered in PSU stickers.


Being surrounded by so many Nittany Lions makes you really long for the streets of South Oakland, where not a “We are” could be heard. We dream of the days that we could shout from our porches the TRUE battle cry of a Pitt Panther, the classic “FUCK PENN STATE,” and hearing the obligatory response of “FUCK PENN STATE!”



Yes, our good friend Hillman. If you’re like us, you might have spent more time here drooling over that really cute bio major and taking bets on whether his study partner was his girlfriend than actually studying, but either way, Hillman is a huge part of a Pitt undergrad’s life. Away from the pressures of the dorms, and relatively free of drunk people, this is the choice place to study on campus. Let’s admit it once and for all, we even miss the burnt coffee from Cup and Chaucer, and can look back fondly on all the times they messed up our orders. Overtime, we can even forget the tiny bathrooms and lack of outlets and truly miss the only club on Pitt’s campus.



Dear, sweet Cathy. How we miss you. You are our beacon of light, our drunk compass… And the only long-distance girlfriend we won’t dump. Cathy is there for us in times of triumph, and in times of failure. Many a great idea has been hatched within her walls, and many a freshman has been lost for ages in those same walls. We’ve each had the jolting experience of pummeling downward faster than humanly possible in the terrifying elevators. There’s a reason every significant piece of Pitt memorabilia portrays our Cathedral front and center, and that is because she ties our campus together. Hail to Cathy, and Hail to Pitt.


Stay strong fellow Panthers, because we are almost halfway through the summer. We’ll be back wreaking havoc on the streets of Oakland soon enough, and until then, we won’t judge you for the amount of #TBT pictures of dark basements you’re posting.

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