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Ghost Hunters: Pitt Edition

Pitt is a campus with a long, illustrious history, where it seems like all of the dorms were previously hotels, and are currently haunted. Wait, what!? We at The Black Sheep had heard whispers of spooky events happening around campus, and decided to find the real stories behind these.


“There is no ghost in Amos!” a resident vehemently insists, nervously glancing around. “Also, could we talk about this NOT in Amos, please?”


Amos, for those not in the know, is split up so that each resident sorority has a floor. Each floor has spooky events, but whether those are attributed to binge drinking or the paranormal is up to debate. One resident told me that her closet lights flicker repeatedly at 2:05 every night, but that she thinks that’s just the ghost telling her that it’s time for her to put her chemistry away and go to bed. Her roommate has reported even scarier events, such as items flying across the room and “totally unexplained noises. Like, it’s not even our neighbor blaring every Hotline Bling parody video she can find. It’s terrifying. Clanks and clangs and groans!”


Another resident on a different floor told us about a story that has been passed down from big to little for generations, about a ghost named Jasper. According to Srat legend, Jasper passed away back when Amos was a hotel, and just never checked out. He walks the halls of Amos now, knocking things over and causing lights to come on and off.


The freshman girls that live in Holland were not eager to speak up about the horrors that they had experienced, but after some goading, I got one girl to speak up.


“I don’t really like going to the bathroom late at night. Like sometimes I’ll wake up and have to go, but then it feels like someone’s watching me from just around the corner,” she glances around, and laughs. “I’ve started keeping hand sanitizer in my room so I don’t have to wash my hands. It just feels like I’m going to see someone else when I look up into the mirror.”


After dodging a handshake with this resident whose hygiene is borderline spooky, we then spoke to a student from Forbes Hall. He was all too-eager to tell us that he’s “totally declaring MechE!” And insisted on not sharing his name, going only by the moniker of “The Engineer.”


The Engineer proceeded to talk about how things move in his room all the time. Things that he “totally swore” he put away would end up on the other side of the room. He told us that he also saw some suspicious people who “didn’t really look that alive, more like zombies than ghosts, though.”


He went on to tell us that, “The guards have definitely seen it too. They just sleep to hide from what they know is the truth. You never know what they’ve seen, only that they’ve seen it.”


The Engineer refused to elaborate, saying that “You just don’t understand until you’ve seen it, man. You’ll just never know.”

Is Pitt’s campus haunted? Will they permanently bring back the grilled cheese at Market? How many STDs will be transmitted this weekend? If campus really is haunted, how does one protect themselves from a ghost? Will everyone be able to save their sinking GPA? Will we ever find out who Gossip Squirrel is? We at The Black Sheep have a lot of the answers, but not all of them. Our advice is to avoid areas that look spooky, and maybe stay away from ABC Family’s month-long Halloween special, and… AHH! What’s that behind you?

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