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Going Out: Shadyside vs Southside vs Oakland


One of the greatest things about living in Pittsburgh is that there are many different options for going out. Pittsburgh is separated into various neighborhoods, providing lots of different nightlife opportunities, and the most popular are Shadyside, Southside, and our very own Oakland. But how do you decide which neighborhood is best suited to your needs?


Shadyside is great for when you’re feeling fancy. If you want to spend some time pretending not to be the disheveled, poor college student that you are, jump on a bus and head on over to Walnut Street. You’ll be amazed at how clean everything is and the presence of real adult people who seem to have their lives together. Shadyside is home to tons of rooftop bars, some of the strongest drinks around, and great happy hour deals. Careful, though, you might swing by for a happy hour and find yourself still out hours later, a few drinks deeper than you had planned.


Southside is the place to go when you and your friends are ready to go all out. If you’re in the mood to get dressed up in those party clothes you never wear, rip shots, and dance the night away, set your sights on Carson Street. Southside proudly holds the record for the most bars per square foot in the country, giving you more options than you probably know what to do with. The crowds are huge, and usually very drunk, but pregame hard enough and you’ll fit right in. By the time you’re ready to go home, you’ll be too drunk to even notice the surge pricing on your Uber.


Oakland doesn’t have classy rooftop bars or bars lined up back-to-back down the street, but it’s still the favorite place to go out for most Pitt students. Who needs all the flash when the dive bar around the corner has the best deals on beer pitchers and the bartender knows you by name? Oakland is the place where you can run into all of your friends or maybe even that hot person from your recitation that you’ve been trying to talk to all semester. And being able to walk a couple blocks home at the end of the night is pretty much the best thing that can happen to you when you’re drunk and tired and can’t stop thinking about that leftover pizza in your fridge.


All you really need to do is decide what kind of night you want to have, and take it from there. But don’t overthink it; if you drink enough, you probably won’t even end up caring where you are.



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