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The Official Fall at Pitt Bingo Board!

Fall has been consistently ranked among the top 4 seasons, and it’s easy to see why here at Pitt. There’s so much seasonal magic that it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why The Black Sheep has made this handy-dandy, fun-for-the-whole-family BINGO game to celebrate autumn at Pitt. Pick from the following items to add to your board, keep track of what you do and who you see, and it might just get you one check closer to BINGO! The first reader to get BINGO wins an unrefrigerated Redd’s Apple Ale.

24.) Pre-football game day binge drinking

23.) Staying for all four quarters at a football game

22.) Waiting in a longer-than-average line at Starbucks in Cathy

21.) Entering Cathy to a blast of way-too-hot air

20.) Buying an overpriced Pitt sweatshirt

19.) Crashing a Heinz Chapel wedding

18.) Temperature fluctuates 20 degrees in one day

17.) Guy wears a hoodie and basketball shorts to bundle up

16.) Girl wears a scarf that goes down to her knees to bundle up

15.) Friend from different college judges Pitt’s shitty fall “break”

14.) Chancellor threatens tuition hike amidst PA budget standstill

13.) Scrambling to find a significant other during cuffing season

12.) Somebody comments on Schenley Park foliage

11.) Getting sick and blaming it on changing weather

10.) Victory lights turn on two weeks in a row

9.) Spending the night at Hillman studying for midterms

8.) You or a loved one diagnosed with mesothelioma and are entitled to compensation

7.) Friends fail to follow through with group Halloween costume idea

6.) Singing Africa by Toto with fellow students in Schenley Plaza

5.) Changing your major at fall advising appointment

4.) Not partying because it’s too cold to walk to South O

3.) Delaying updating CourseWeb password as long as possible

2.) Parents visiting and expecting a full Pathfinder tour

1.) Prematurely running out of dining dollars/meal swipes

So get out your BINGO chips and markers and keep your eyes and ears peeled, you might just be the one to fill your board first! 


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