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The Pinstripe Bowl: Should You Even Go to Pitt’s Bowl Game?


Sunday many Panthers found their days consumed by refreshing their Twitter feeds over and over, anxiously awaiting the announcement of their bowl game destination.  Their dreams of the Russell Athletic Bowl came and went, and many were hoping for anywhere but Birmingham or Detroit.  Well, the wait is up, and the Pitt is headed to the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in Bronx, NY, owned by Harold Koch- and no, not that Koch.


While we here at The Black Sheep realize perhaps this isn’t the most ideal bowl game scenario, we’ll try to help you get through this year’s fourth quarter breakdown bowl loss.


Do I Even Go?
Well, honestly, probably not.  Unless you’re a part of the cheerleaders or band, no one outside of the football team and maybe a few alumni bothers to go to any away games. While New York is fairly close, why bother traveling just to see Pitt get inevitably pummeled by the away team?  It doesn’t matter that we ended the season ranked, or how bad the other team is, losing our lead and basically forfeiting the game in the fourth quarter is just what we do.


I’m a try-hard fan that decided to go, but what about surviving New York?
You’ve got quite a few things to look forward to.  You can stay in Times Square at the official team hotel and say goodbye to your rent for the next year.  The comfort of a $6 large pizza that drunk you will eat all by yourself at 1 a.m. will be gone, replaced by a far pricier $20 pizza.  Basically, expect to come back at least somewhat in debt.  There is some good, however.  You can get a snapchat with the Statue of Liberty, sell your soul for Hamilton tickets for the night, and get mowed down by strangers on the sidewalks.  Just try and make the most of it.


It’s outdoors? But it’s going to be so cold!
You’re not wrong.  Only one of three northern bowl games that’s played outdoors, you can expect it’s going to get a little chilly.   You only have two options here.  Make a stop by The University Store and cover yourself in ridiculously overpriced cold weather Pitt paraphernalia, or wear whatever snow gear you already have and be judged for your lack of school spirit for the one out of two times a year that Pitt fans may try and make an effort when it comes to supporting the team. (Other than when they win.)


All in all, is going to the bowl game worth it?  Not really.  Stay home in your warm apartment and hold a drunken viewing party there.  Or, just get drunk and sporadically google what the score is.  You choose. 



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