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Pitt Buildings on Campus as RuPaul Drag Queens

Cathy: shantay you stay. WPU: sashay away. RuPaul’s Drag Race is quickly becoming mainstream culture in 20gayteen, so what better way to honor the end of the semester, rapidly approaching Pittsburgh pride, and Pitt landmarks than a comparison to these fishy ladies?

6.) Towers are Roxxy/Alaska/Detox (Ro-Laska-Tox):
Three icons! Towers A, B, and C are straight up sisters, just like these Season 5/All Stars 2 stunners! Just like Tower B, Roxxy is thick and juicy! She’s Tower B, godamnnit, and she’s here to make it clear—we love you, baby, that’s why so many freshman live here. Alaska and Detox perfectly embody Towers A and C respectively! Whether it be three beautiful, successful drag queens or three concrete monstrosities, there’s no doubting the bond forged.

5.) Sutherland Hall is Pearl:
A little snobby. A little off-putting. Somehow still popular. Probably because they are both so damn pretty.

4.) Frick Fine Arts Building is Katya:
Just like Miss Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, Frick Fine Arts is off the beaten path but undeniably wonderful. Both Katya and Frick are full of character and beauty. And Frick is rustic enough to make the ‘uNhhhhhhhhh’ sound we all know and love when you step on the wrong floorboard.

3.) Lothrop Hall is Kennedy Davenport:

2.) The Pete is Milk:
The sports center of Pitt can only have one drag equivalent: the Manly Queen, Milk! Both are all about muscles and MEN! Just like Milk, though, the people who play inside the Pete don’t have the best track record. 0-19 in basketball is equivalent to placing Ninth in both of your seasons.

1.) Cathy is RuPaul:
As if there was any doubt! Cathy, like RuPaul, is the original. She is a towering, sexy woman with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. We’re pretty sure Ru’s song “Supermodel” is about her. And the Heinz Chapel is like Cathy’s own personal Michelle Visage! Skinny legends think alike.

We at The Black Sheep hope this list left you snatched! If it seems like this was written in another language, and you caught n0ne of the references, then you are probably very straight or very boring. In either of those cases, we’re sorry for you. 

And remember, Pitt students: if you can’t love some-building else, how in the hell are you gonna love yourself?




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