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Pitt Junior Uses South Oakland Trash Day to Furnish Apartment


It’s no secret to Pitt students that the streets of South Oakland are home to a treasure trove of broken furniture and other hidden gems. Many students have taken advantage opportunity to re-purpose other people’s garbage, but junior Colin Howard took it to a whole new level by furnishing his entire apartment with only pieces found on South O streets. Howard brags that he’s been able to find everything he needs without having to spend any money. He showed off some of his favorite pieces during a tour of his apartment.


“I found this bed on South Bouquet Street. I can’t believe someone threw it out, it’s in perfect condition!” Howard said proudly of his bed, which is just a mattress wrapped in saran wrap.


“Well of course I had to wrap it, people were walking all over it before I picked it up and it and that didn’t seem sanitary. I’m not an animal,” he explained.


Next to his mattress is a cardboard box that Howard considers his night table.


“It’s mostly just to complete the bedroom look, it can’t really hold anything.” He demonstrated, placing a notebook on top of the box to show how it crumbled under the weight.


Howard’s living room is set up with a couch, two mismatched armchairs, and a television resting on top of a stack of textbooks.


“Oh no, I wouldn’t sit on that,” Howard said hastily as we went to sit on the couch. He declined to explain any further.


We sat down on the other two chairs; one of them cracked dangerously and the other one turned out to be literal bags of trash with a blanket thrown over top of them. A cat shot out from under the couch and ran out of the room.


“That cat was living in the couch when I found it, so I just brought him in, too. His name is Garbage.” Howard showed off the scratches all over his arms and legs that he’d received since Garbage moved in.


The television, a giant flat screen found on Oakland Avenue, looks to be in great shape, but Howard quickly explained that it doesn’t turn on.


“Oh it doesn’t work, of course,” he laughed, “but sometimes I set my laptop up on the floor in front of it and use my brother’s ex-girlfriend’s Netflix account to watch TV, so it works out pretty well.”


To make his apartment a little cozier, Howard puts up lot of wall decorations. His walls are covered in discarded pages of notes, crumpled up parking tickets, and pieces of old pizza boxes, all held up with pieces of scotch tape.


“It’s really a great place to live. I can’t get any girls to stay over but my friends love partying here. They say they don’t have to worry because they couldn’t possibly make it any grosser than it already is.”


As Howard helped us to weave through the trash to get to the door, which is a hold in the wall with a garbage back taped over it, he told us, “Honestly, I don’t know why everybody doesn’t do it. People who pay money for things are idiots.”




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