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Pitt Republicans Say They Would Have Gotten Away With It, If It Weren’t For Those Meddling Kids

Four students from the Pitt College Republicans have been caught red-handed sharing some fairly fucked up memes in their GroupMe with racist and anti-Semitic messages. Some righteous super sleuth of Pitt got a hold of them and leaked that offensive shit for all the world to see.

The four now-racist students have been grilling the other GroupMe members to no avail to find out just which meddling kid was responsible for the leak.

“It has to be someone in the group,” one of the offensive-meme-culprits commented. “People think I’m like racist now! It’s one thing to laugh at this twisted shit behind everyone’s backs, that ain’t no thang. But, now that we’re like exposed, people are questioning my morals and whatever.”

The chat members remain silent on the issue, not revealing which one of them cracked The Case of the Racist Meme Sharers. They all claim to have had the GroupMe on mute from the get-go.

Chancellor Gallagator heard of the incident and remarked, “Now, I haven’t actually seen the memes since I don’t do the Twitter, but if they’re racist, we do not show support. Pitt does not support racists. We don’t even really like racists. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Pitt is NOT RACIST.”

The chancellor’s message was heard loud and clear, though it’s disputed by Twitter accounts like Racists @ Pitt who call out assholes on the daily for saying and doing racist shit, including these four students after the leakage. 

It’s safe to say the only way to become racist is to be caught and exposed like these students who have since been removed and/or resigned from their positions in the Pitt College Republicans. Their last remarks on the issue claim, “And we would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling and morally-upright kids who made public my fucking racist behavior.”

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