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Pitt Senior Stands in Towers Lobby, Begs for Unused Market Swipes

Freshmen passing through Towers Lobby found themselves stopped repeatedly by Pitt senior David Smith over the course of this past week. 


David set up shop near the stairs leading down to Market Central, handing out fliers that most either refused or threw away immediately, taking them as yet another club’s last ditch attempt to garner people to attend a Five Guys or Chipotle fundraiser.  Instead, the fliers handed out simply had David’s name and phone number, along with the simple message, “Please swipe me into Market.” 


Sadly, for David, this message seemed to be lost on most, getting mixed in with all the other fliers and tables that students are bombarded with when they enter Towers.


Sitting cross legged on the floor and being widely ignored, David was more than willing to speak to us in hopes of getting his message out.  “I was a freshman once, so look, I know,” said David during his interview.  His eyes scanned every person that passed, trying to make a guess as to if they had swipes to spare.  “You take Market for granted when you’re younger, but when you get older it seems like a luxury.  And as freshman, you never use up all your swipes.  Hey, hey you, can you swipe me into Market?”  


David turned away from our interview to call to a huddled group of freshman passing by, having changed his tactic from fliers to calling out to individual people as they began the walk down the stairs.  The freshman hurried down the stairs without even a glance in his direction.


The last we saw David, he was on the hunt for a willing freshman with an unlimited meal plan.  If you happen across him, take a minute and consider giving up one of your Market swipes to his cause. 


It won’t be too long until you too are in his place, living off campus and having to use your own money to feed yourself rather than the comforting meal plan pre-paid by your parents or student loans.  Cherish Market while you can, also, we here at The Black Sheep could also use your swipe charity. 




If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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