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7 Pitt Horror Movies that Will Scare the Crap Out of You

Vampires, zombies, and the highest public school tuition in the US, oh my. Whether you’re staying in or getting shitfaced, there’s no better way to finish out Halloween night than with a horror movie. While The Silence of the Lambs may count as a Pitt horror movie, and Hannibal’s cage in Soldiers & Sailors is a cool Halloween tradition, we here at The Black Sheep figure it’s about time that we get some real Pitt horror movies to scare our socks off this Halloween.

7.) It:
He looks vaguely like a clown. He terrorizes and eats little children.  He spends most of his time in the sewers, making our tuition float. It’s everyone’s favorite lizard person, Gallagator starring as Pennywise. When your midterm flies out of your hands, don’t go chasing after it into the sewers. At least Gallagator won’t take your arm, just your wallet.

6.) The Silence of the Student Section:
In this thriller, a freshman is haunted by the silence of the student section at football games, and their dreams of tailgating and drunkenly watching a semi-decent football team. In addition to that torture, he’s forced to work with a senior to deduce why he can’t score any chicks. Spoilers: the twist at the end is that the senior’s banging all the freshman girls.

5.) Ophelia’s Labyrinth:
The main character must descend into the hell that is Market at peak lunch hour to find her friend’s table. Lost in between Flying Star and Basic Kneads, she encounters the dreaded lanyard-wearing freshman, the guy that she made out with once in a South O basement, and many more terrifying monsters. 

4.) He Follows:
Our main character David was just trying to get to Market-to-Go to grab some Gatorade. Jessica was just trying to grab some Naked juice. Now they’re being followed by a dude from Towers lobby 1 who’s trying to hand them a flyer to buy Chipotle to support his obscure campus organization, and he isn’t taking no for an answer.

3.) GDoor Out:
The concept is simple. You head to GDoor for your night out. But they’re out of pickle shots. Even worse, you ask for a trash can. But they’re out of Redbull.

2.) 7 Days Later:
It’s finals week, and most of your fellow students seem off from their normal, crazy, partying selves. Hoards of people are swarming campus. Everyone is slowly trudging along the streets, barely able to get one foot in front of the other. They’re always hungry, and you can’t stop hearing the neuroscience majors muttering about brains…

1.) Invasion of the Credit Snatchers:
After all the effort you put in, the all-nighter, countless hours formatting the PowerPoint… your group members take all the credit.  And it keeps happening until you graduate.

There you have it! We hope you’ll spook yourself and your friends with these new Roc-ky horror movies. Happy Halloween, Panthers!

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