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Pitt Twitters You Aren’t Following (But Totally Should Be)


Much like its diverse student population, there are a wide range of Twitter accounts that rule the twittersphere of Pitt. Since there are so many, you may not be following them all, so The Black Sheep has come up with the definitive list of Pitt Twitters that you should be following.


Pitt Makeouts – 7/10 Sheep


If you haven’t been caught getting cozy in a South O basement, then you’ve definitely sent in a picture of a friend getting down and dirty. This Twitter works tirelessly to make sure that your shame is memorialized forever, in the form of a classy tweet. Bonus points if you find a writer from The Black Sheep.


Pitt Naps – 7/10 Sheep


If you don’t have a picture making out, maybe it’s because you were way too busy napping in public. Rumors have it that this is the origination of the influx of the “Pitt S(naps)” from Pitt Snapchat. Keep your eyes peeled for those who have passed out in obvious places on campus, and then look for the tweets about them.


Souf Oaklin fo’ Life – 6/10 Sheep


This account does the usual South Oakland humor, including jabs at Penn State, pizza jokes, and football sadness. It’s like that one friend you have who’s occasionally pretty funny, only on Twitter. Their Photoshop game is pretty solid, though.


Therapy Dog Tuesdays – 10/10 Sheep


PUPPIES. That is all that matters.


Overheard at Pitt – 8/10 Sheep


This account is the record of all the REALLY stupid stuff you’ve said on campus. There’s also a Facebook group for the quotes that are longer than 140 characters.


Nihilist Oakland – 6/10 Sheep


You’ll only recognize this term if you’ve taken a lit class, or were one of the poor souls that had to read Crime and Punishment in high school. Remember that kid on your floor freshman year that never really got that excited about anything ever? He also didn’t shower, but still managed to get laid the most? This Twitter is basically that kid.


Free Food Oakland – 15/10 Sheep


As it is that time of the school year when swipes have almost run as low as our GPAs, it’s time to utilize this Twitter to get the max amount of food for the minimum amount of Panther Funds. A bonus for anyone hosting an event that includes free food, if you tweet them they’ll retweet it, so you get some free advertising. This is also a great way to prank the club that wouldn’t let you join.


The Black Sheep Pitt – 10/10 Sheep


If you’re not following us, you’re wrong. Simple as can be, we tweet all the quality drunken shenanigans that you’ve come to expect from us. We also tweet articles like the one you’re reading right now, so basically this is tweetception. We hope yinz have enjoyed our tweets this semester and we hope everyone has a great (tolerable) finals week!


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