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Pittnet is Shitnet: Top 7 Reasons Pitt’s Wireless Sucks


About 70-80% of all universities have horrid Internet. In some cases, it is just the dormitories that suffer the awful Internet bandwidth alongside lackluster buffering speeds on YouTube and Twitch. Actually, most of the time, it’s the entire campus. The Black Sheep has compiled seven undeniable reasons for why the University of Pittsburgh’s Internet will forever remain as “Shitnet”.


7.) Wrong Place, Any Time:
If you go to Cathedral, if you go to Upper Campus, if you go more than 500 yards away from Panther Central or Towers, R.I.P. Internet. For a good half of the places on campus, Shitnet is unable to connect with your computer. Might as well sit right underneath a router for good luck.


6.) Cannot Certificate Properly:
When you first get your computer’s WiFi “working” or functioning at least at Pitt, you must deal with certificates electronically given by the university’s tech support. This includes dealing with expired certificates, which legit prevent you from using WiFi at Pitt and are a pain to resolve. If you are, and this is not all, a blessed Mac user, you can get around certificates nonsense because “Shitnet” somehow operates better on overpriced laptops than $500 Ienovos.


Seriously, fuck off Guest Wireless! Every time you want to connect to the actual WiFi, guest wireless disconnects you. You’re a paying student, dammit! You don’t need this automated pop up of Guest Wireless to keep interrupting your YouTube binging.


4.) Lol, what’s a cable?:
Don’t even try using an Ethernet cable at Pitt. Just don’t. If you do, the chances of success are slim to none. Hardly any of the dormitory ports work, and if they do, there is barely a difference in download bandwidth.


3.) Wireless Pitt vs. Wireless Pitt -FAST:
One day when you click the WiFi button, you see under “Wireless Pitt” a “Wireless Pitt – Fast”. Who knows what was the decision making process behind adding another WiFi service with the extra description of “FAST” since it is almost the exact same as Wireless Pitt. Best bet, bottlenecking issues from “Shitnet”.


2.) Streaming Slooooooowly: 
Ever tried streaming Twitch in Lothrop Hall at Pitt? It’s a freaking nightmare. Ever tried streaming Twitch at Pitt. Shameful 144p. Do you like seeing a buffering sign ever 5 seconds? It’s called Twitch on “Shitnet”.


1.) Can’t wait to move off-campus:
This is every sophomore to junior Pitt students dream after dealing with the cesspit that is “Shitnet”. Have your own WiFi with your own router with your own stable connection speeds, right? But now, you get to deal with the beauty of Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon FIOS Internet speeds! Such grace during Fridays to Sundays, FIOS as you.


We don’t get why the “wealthy” universities (Pitt is in this category) with all their money, don’t invest in a proper, consistent, Internet system throughout their campus? The answer; Tech support wants to make thousands of college students suffer.


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