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Top 5 Places to Cry at Pitt Even Though It’s Not Finals Yet


Exams are hard. Sometimes it’s healthy just to let it all out with a good, long cry. Sometimes you don’t want to anybody to see you crying. So here are the best places at Pitt to cry, even though it’s not even finals yet. 


5.) The Strip District Night Clubs:
Everyone likes a good, fun night out. But about 9/10 times, these lighthearted and laid back nights of dancing and laughing end up in tears. Whether it’s something simple like someone spilling a drink on you or another girl talking to some of your friends, the tears at the end of the night are practically imminent. Honestly, between waiting outside the club in 9 degree weather with a wind chill in just a tee shirt and then finally entering the club and being in 120 degree bomb shelters scrunched between sweaty freshmen who just want to get grinded on, it’s no surprise that people want to take a step and get emotional. Don’t lie… we’ve all done it at least once.


4.) The Pete:
This one seems like it should be a sanctuary for happiness since it is the home of the best gym on campus and countless exciting experiences at basketball games. With all the blood pumping in your body and endorphins running high, how could this be a great place to cry? It all starts with basketball. Although Pitt is a school with lots of basketball pride and a rowdy Oakland Zoo, after Pitt lost to Duquesne in the beginning of the season, it’s been a tough place for Pitt students to be. The year has been tough, not only on the players who train everyday, but the students who come out to watch them. And if I have to watch another game where they blow a second half lead to a ranked opponent, I might just cry forever.


3.) Any South Oakland Party:
We guarantee you won’t be the only one crying at one of these. Some girl will be stuck at the bottom of the stairs crying about some boy, or maybe your Bio TA will be crying about the stress of seeing students at a crowded South O party. Either way, enjoy the company in your misery. 


2.) Falcon’s Nest in Cathy:
I’m not sure about you, but I didn’t know that falcons inhabited the means streets of Oakland. However, there have been countless sightings of a falcon attacking other animals and gawking all over campus. With this in mind, I actually think it would be cool to cry in the falcon’s nest that is obviously stationed on top of the Cathedral of Learning. Who doesn’t like tears with a view… and possible danger?


1.) The Perch:
Last but not least, The Perch is a great place to let out your emotions and let the tears run like rivers. Imagine this scenario: you just finished a long day full of classes, studying and club meetings. Now you just want to eat dinner, shower and go to sleep. You run up to The Perch for a quick swipe just to find out that the main entrée being served is mystery meat and liquid cheese thrown into a Dorito bag. The disappointment and frustration that ensues is enough to make anyone get down on their knees and bawl their eyes out. Why you gotta play us like that, Perch? We just didn’t want to die before we slept.




WATCH: We made Malort cupcakes. They are bad.


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