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Stock Photos To Describe Everyday Life At Pitt


Sometimes words cannot describe what goes down on a daily basis here at Pitt. Sometimes you have to reach out to the internet to understand the feelings within you. That is where stock photos come in. Their barely accurate depictions of everyday life are fit for describing almost nobody and have annoying watermarks that let the viewer know that this really can’t be used for anything period, especially that project you’re working on. But, nonetheless, we thought you would enjoy seeing your everyday emotions at Pitt played out on these badly designed stock photos.


6.) When the walk sign turns to ‘do not walk’ and you just arrived at the Cathedral crosswalk:




We know this sucks. Almost as much as this stock photo of a man obviously in the very pit of despair wearing a plunger. Don’t worry, you’ll get to David Lawrence or Cathy on time. Just wait for the little white walking dude and don’t get run over by a yinzer. 


5.) When your professor posts your grades on Courseweb:




You may be just as confused as this doctor if you got a 4% on that calc 2 exam, Pitt’s most failed class…


4.) When you have to wait at the Cathedral Cafe or the WPU for food in a long line:




Whether at Chick-fil-A or Hometown Favorites, or Strutter’s, you’re sad when you’re in line because you didn’t use Tapingo. So you look like this really sad lumberjack.


3.) The professor asks a question and nobody feels like contributing:




Yeah, you wish there was a cool, intellectually stimulating discussion in that Vampires class everyone takes, but you also wish you were at home sleeping in your lumpy dorm room or South O bed. So you have two removable faces like this faceless man.


2.) You see the Cathedral of Learning:




Doesn’t everyone do the Egyptian dance move when they’re happy and see Cathy?


1.) You see a perfect couple walking down the street:




The title of that photo when you download it is, “stock-photo-jealousy-young-sad-women-sitting-on-the-couch-with-her-arms-crossed-while-another-women-and-men-262553759.jpeg”. You know who they are. They have matching Pitt script on, or they have cool sunglasses. You only wish you had someone to go to the spring game like that with.


Stock photos can come out and say things like the man in this article’s cover photo does. He says, “Hey, I’m one of those crazy recitation instructors for Germanic Myths and Legends and I have many watermelon hats.” (That class never made sense to us). So if you’re getting food, stuck in an awkward long pause in a cathedral nationality room lit class, or just waiting for the university to hand you a chicken sandwich at Stutters, we got you them feels, right here. 


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