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What Your Study Spot at Pitt Says About You


Pitt’s campus provides lots of different places to study, and everybody has their favorite. But your go-to study spot may just say more about you than you thought. Find out what messages your study habits are sending out.


6) Hillman Library:
You like uncomfortable lighting and floors that organize people by how loud they are. In fact, you think all things in life should be organized by sound level. Girls who scream at parties when “their song” comes on should only be allowed in one corner of the basement, crying babies should have their own airplanes, and at Thanksgiving, there should be a separate table for relatives that are too vocal about politics as well as one for the kids.


5) The Cathedral:
You went to the midnight releases of every Harry Potter book, you stood in line for the movies in full costume, you have an active Pottermore account, and you know everything from what Hogwarts house you’d be in to what your Patronus is to what magical creature you would have for a pet. You tell yourself that you like to study in the Cathedral because the atmosphere helps you concentrate, but really you’re just pretending to be the Hogwarts student you always knew you were meant to be.


4) Frick Fine Arts Library:
You regularly tell people that you were born in the wrong decade and working in a library that doesn’t have access to computers or printers makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Also, you are definitely an art student. If you’re not, you probably didn’t know there was a library in Frick and you may not even be sure what Frick is.


3) Starbucks:
You’re super hip and artsy. You like to do work while drinking a black coffee and pretending to star in an independent film.


2) Market:
You’re efficient and you know how to get the most bang for your buck. Some people might think you need three swipes to get three meals at Market, but you know that you can just sit there all day and ride that first swipe for a full day’s worth of food. If you settle down at breakfast with all of your books, you can work through the day while supplied with unlimited coffee and French fries.


1) Home:
If you like to do your work at home in your room, you’re a liar. You like Netflix and sleeping.


You might not have realized how much you can tell about a person just from where the study, but now you know it’s even easier to make snap judgments about people than you thought.




If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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