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Top 10: Places to Nap at Pitt


Obviously, at an academically sound university such as Pitt, our education is top priority—even if it means pulling multiple all-nighters or double fisting espresso and 5-hour-energy. But at some point, we all crash. So, naturally, second priority is scoping out the perfect spot in Oakland to do so.


10.) Hillman:

Napping not limited to any one floor or couch. Hillman is a shining opportunity for you to express your nap creativity. Will it be the solace of the third floor? Can you power nap through the Greek life study hours flooding the first floor? Dreams haunted by a resounding “I love my big…”




9.) Cathedral Lawn:

It’s the perfect spot to become one with nature. Catch some UVs and befriend a campus squirrel!







8.) The 3rd Quarter of a Pitt Football Game:

No harm, no foul, as long as you’re awake by Sweet Caroline. Stadium seating allows for you to comfortably doze, although no promises about the benefits of the loud “HAIL TO PITT” chants on your incoming hangover. #4QuartersandaNap






7.) The Floor:

People have slept on the floor for centuries. If it worked for the pioneers, why can’t it work for you? Ideal pillows in this situation include wads of paper, a pizza box, or a bag of dirty laundry. Neck cramps will be a common side effect.




6.) Wooden Benches in Cathy:

Bold. Brash. What is comfort? These nap champs don’t need it. They have perfected the ability to PTFO anywhere with no qualms. The true bosses of Pitt naps.







5.) Market:

Behold, the market booth nap. Maybe laxatives aren’t the only things they’re slipping into our chicken patties? Catch up on Zzzz’s and calories.




4.) The Union:

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut can take a lot out of you. There are some prime couches in the Union, so grab a spot and take a trip to lala land. Just don’t be mad if you’re jolted awake by someone jamming on the piano.





3.) The Back of a Lecture Hall:

Professors who dim the lights, they know what they’re doing. Notebooks are exceptionally good headrests and the lecture slides are posted on CourseWeb anyway, right?






2.) At a Party:

The good ol’ nap and rally. Ain’t no shame in taking a time out from your kegger to casually regain consciousness and do it all again. In the season of day-longs, we are faced with an unspoken rule of no judgment. Frat couch, neighbor’s futon, or directly on the ground—style points for dipping out while the rest of the party keeps popping.







Bonus: Find the dong in the above picture


1.) Where Ever the Hell You Want:

The world is your mattress. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t nap somewhere. We’re AmeriCANs, not AmeriCAN’Ts!






Thank you to @Pitt_Naps for the source material.


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