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5 Other Uses for Your Pitt ID that the Pathfinders Never Told You About


When you toured Pitt your pathfinder probably told you all sorts of lovely nonsense about the buildings, dining locations and “perks” of being a Pitt student. But we’re guessing they probably didn’t tell you about all of the cool, possibly legal things you could do with your Pitt ID.


5.) College Night at the Strip Club:
Some of Pittsburgh’s most well-respected gentleman’s clubs offer a “college night” where thirsty patrons with a student ID can get in with no cover charge. On these nights you can enjoy the best and brightest that Pittsburgh has to offer in the way of gentleman’s entertainment. Just remember to tip your waitress while you’re making it rain on that girl in your Stats class who is doing this to pay for college. Also, hot tip: it’s Wednesday nights.


4.) Shotgun a Beer:
There’s a very, very specific technique involved with this one and if you don’t get it right you’re going to regret that $20 new Panther Card. Use the bottom corner of your ID that doesn’t have the magnetic strip on it to puncture a hole in the bottom of your shitty can of Natty Ice. Trust us, it’s easier than it seems. Then shotgun away! Maybe do it before a big game, or a big final, or a big frat party that your crush is going to. We don’t really care, just do it.


3.) Cop That Fresh Goodwill Discount:
That’s right people, it’s 25% off now at the Goodwill with your Pitt ID. Go shopping for that great dad-style Hawaiian shirt that you can totally rip open in a sketchy South Oakland basement while your boy does a keg stand with the whole party cheering him on. You’ll be the life of the party… and for only three quarters of the regular price. Go you!


2.) Drugs:
Granted, you can use any card for this, but why not use your Pitt ID. We’re not recommending you go out and do drugs, quite the opposite. Don’t do drugs, kids. Just say no. But it’s theoretically possible to show some panther pride while you do them. And can you really say no to that?


1.) Get Into Literally Any South Oakland Bar:
Pittsburgh is a publicly affiliated university so maybe your Pitt ID counts as a state-issued ID, maybe. It doesn’t have your birthday or any identifying information on it, but who cares? It’s got your picture and you TOTALLY look 21 girl. It won’t even be a problem, except for the part where the bouncer laughs at you. But try anyway.


That’s it folks. The best ways that the pathfinders never told you that you could use your Pitt ID. Take it from us at The Black Sheep and those lying, striped shirt wearing try-hards.


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