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The Top 6 Most Outrageous Oakland Zoo Costumes

Basketball season is now in full swing, and after the heartbreaker loss to Notre Dame and the resounding comeback and reaffirming win against Virginia, the Oakland Zoo is more than ready to go wild about their favorite team. But, are you dressed appropriately? They don’t call it the Zoo for nothing. Here are some sweet ideas to distract the competition.

6.) Left Shark:
We know this meme died a bit ago, but there are still some left shark costumes out there to get wild with! The opponents will be entirely convinced they are underwater and get scared of the life-like danger the left shark costume causes.

5.) The Gorilla Suit:
Oooooh! Oooooh-ooh-ahah! Ouugh ough ooo. Ough ough ough aah ah ah! Oooh! Ahhh! *Beats chest* OUUUUHH OUGH AAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Sniffs other chimp* *Chases guy in a banana suit*

4.) The Banana:
Our team could use a little extra potassium every once and a while. And you could totally rush the court when we play Duke to trip Grayson Allen by using your slippery peel to turn the tables on him. Plus, you will get your cardio when the guy in the gorilla suit chases you.

3.) A Squirrel:
Oakland’s main form of wildlife besides the weird crows and pigeons that poop on everyone is the squirrels, so gathering up your nuts and coming to the game is completely fine. Get on the jumbo-tron and start shoving whole acorns in your mouth you buffoon!

2.) The T-Rex:
The blow up t-rex costumes are pretty hilarious, and they definitely belong in the Oakland Zoo. You’ll terrify the opposition and everyone around you into thinking that that last dunk Jones threw down sent them all back to the prehistoric era.

1.) The Cathedral:
There is one brave man who built a cathedral costume and spray-painted it gold for the game. He is on a plane higher than us all, a plane reserved for the building itself and this man. He makes it dance, he catches t-shirts with it, and he is the most devoted.

So now all the freshmen reading have probably figured out the Oakland Zoo is not an actual zoo with real animals, although people act like them while in it. Whatever you wear, get in, get The Zoo News, and get hype! The Panthers are going to the Final Four this year! 

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