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Top 8 Uses Academic for Schenely Park at Pitt


Schenely Park is more than a sightseeing stop on the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. It is somewhere students can wander halfway down a trail, lose signal with their music streaming, and then are lost. Otherwise, it can be a great place to host events. The Black Sheep has compiled eight types of event uses Schenely Park can offer.


8.) Farmer’s Market:
Even though this occurs right outside the Carnegie Library every Sunday, the same can happen in Schenely. Not a very exciting event but one where you can get cheap cider and donuts made with wholesome goodness. Also vegetables, don’t forget the healthy stuff.


7.) LARPing:
Running around and walloping people with plastic objects? Wearing ill-fitting clothes and oversized helmets. Nerdy? Yes, this is a possible event in the park.


6.) Rush Week…Because We Needed More Space:
Frats generally have a designated place for rush week on campus. However, if all the fraternities somehow agreed to move it to Schenely Park, it would cause confusion. Too bad for those freshman.


5.) Shakespeare in the Park:
Doth is willing to watcheth Shakespeare? Often times, Shakespeare in the Park is a thing during the school year. The actual audience turnout for the performances is better left unsaid.


4.) Bikes of Pittsburgh:
Get on the green train, or bike in this case, as a Pittsburgh Bikes or Bikes for Pittsburgh has events held in different, strange parts of Pittsburgh. From East Liberty to Northside, no, only the NICE areas of Pittsburgh like Squirrel Hill and Shadyside, got all the bikes. In fact, cycling in Pittsburgh is big enough to have tourist organizations downtown that score high up on Trip Advisor. Feel free to avoid the Uber.


3) Crème of Le Crepe:
The crepiness has arrived at Schenely for people who like to spend $5-$10 on a folded pastry with stuff inside it. Not judging the person’s money, just saying prices be like this at Pitt. Unless you decide that the nice crepe shop on Craig St. is more to your liking since they sell beer with your crepe, it’s cool to stuff your face with Nutella from time to time.


2) Them Other Food Vans:
They sit there. Waiting. Between Fifth and Bayard. Seeing if any passing student will indulge on some Indian goodness. Mexican goodness. Or the occasional Thai? Suddenly, many, many more food vans appear at once, like a great wild herd, and park outside the Phipps Conservatory so police can arrest them for illegal parking. Yes, this annual event happens at Schenely.


1) Toga Party:
If all the frats of Pitt and Carnegie got together to for a one-in-a-college-student-lifetime event called the “Toganova”, it would be interesting. Toga parties involve a collection of drunken frat students running down the street or walking slowly who yell, “TOGA!”. Now get all the frat boys and send them rampaging across Schenely. It would be a colossal mess since the lost pledges would never be found, 




If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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