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7 Non-Sexual Things at Pitt That Turn You On

There’s plenty of available guys and gals at Pitt. Everyone’s found out most of the sexual turn-ons on campus.  But sometimes, things just fall into line. You get an A on a midterm you thought you bombed, you’re halfway through your Market cheeseburger and it still tastes somewhat edible. We’ve compiled a list of all the non-sexual Pitt things that will also turn you on, just in case you need more fuel for that fire.

7.) Finishing your Beer Bible:
Just imagine the feeling of crossing that last beer off, and watching your name go up on the wall of Fuel & Fuddle. Now, for years to come, students stumbling into half price either drunk or drained from studying will be able to see just how much money you wasted.

6.) Victory lights:
While this semester they may be few and far between, nothing really gets us going like Cathy being lit up to guide us home after our drunken post-football game shenanigans. She just looks so beautiful we can’t stand it.

5.) When there’s no line to get into Hem’s on a Thursday or G-Door on the weekends:
Unlike most of the things on this list, this turn on normally always has a payoff–at least if you’re good at flirting and have money to spare. Nothing feels quite as good as just being able to walk into a bar and not be the person who holds up the line because you still look like you’re about twelve.

4.) The Cathy elevator coming in less than 10 minutes:
You’ve had to budget that waiting time into your schedule. Even though your class is on the third floor and you could walk up the stairs if you wanted to, no one is about that life. Normally, you’re jammed into an elevator that took 15 minutes to arrive. Getting an elevator that comes quickly and has a reasonable amount of people is something you dream about for months after.

3.) The stir-fry station in Market having no line:
Arguably the best food in Market comes with the longest line. But occasionally you walk into Market during that sweet spot, where there are just enough people that the food is actually somewhat fresh but you can still find a place to sit. The feeling you get when there’s only one person standing around the stir-fry…

2.) Your first or last class of the day is canceled:
It’s just more time you get to stay in your bed, whether that’s sleeping or something spicier.

1.) When you walk into a class expecting an exam but it’s actually next week:
This one is a fan favorite. Just turn this one over in your head the next time you aren’t as into your one night stand as you hoped and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

You’d be surprised by the apparently non-sexual things here at Pitt that have the power to get you all riled up. Just know you’re not alone when these innocent acts actually get you all hot and bothered. 

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