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Top 4 Things You Won’t Miss About Pitt Over Winter Break

The semester feels different for every student. To the freshman taking all gen eds and going out three nights a week, this year has probably gone by pretty fast! And for the Junior engineering student taking 18 credits, you probably wonder if its possible that you could die of old age in the next month (before finals week preferably). To anyone on either side, or the thousands of us in between, going home for Winter Break will still be a very welcome reprieve from Pitt. And as much as we all love it here, there’s a few things none of us will miss about our home away from home.

4.) Unpredictable Weather:
Sorry if you live in Pittsburgh, you’re still stuck with this one. But for those of you actually leaving for break, it will be a nice change of pace to actually know what the weather will be like tomorrow, which is almost exactly like the weather today! In an ideal world, the change in the seasons is abrupt, making it easy to dress appropriately and plan your day. Unfortunately, it was 60 degrees on November 29th and 40 degrees on December 1st here so it should be nice to not have to check the weather every hour before going outside.

3.) The 10A:
The 10A is many things to many people. To some, it is a hero, a beacon in the darkness that saves you from walking home after you’ve eaten a full pizza from Sorrento’s at 2:30 in the morning. But to many, we only recognize it from behind by the multiple times that its driven away as you walk towards it. Or maybe you got on only to be verbally berated by a driver or have your stop get missed and end up having to walk anyways. Either way, it’ll be a relief during the break to go home to your own automobile and still drive as recklessly as a 10A driver, but on your own terms in your own town.

2.) City Living:
Most of us don’t live in the concrete jungle at home, which represents quite the change from life here in Oakland. But while there are some endearing qualities about living in a city, there are some things that will not be missed. The general pollution and dirtiness of Oakland is enough to make you miss the clean sidewalks of suburbia, not to mention the fact that you can safely walk around at home without the fear of being hit by a negligent PAT bus driver or sleep deprived student. Oh, and you might be able to see the stars at night if you’re into that sort of stuff.

1.) Your Dorm:
Obviously doesn’t apply to Upperclassmen living off campus, but for the on-campus residents will likely be ok going 2 weeks without sleeping on their (extra long!) twin bed with a 20-year-old mattress full of springs and not much else, even though you might not spend more than 4 hours on it per night when you’re here. But nothing will make you want to stay home more than eating home cooked meals for 14 days instead of Market/Perch/Ramen. Your mom will comment that you must love the food here since you’ve put on that freshman 15! And you’ll have to lie and say yes because you don’t want her to know that you’re averaging 20 Natties and a full pizza per weekend. But just kick back and enjoy mom’s cooking and your comfy bed and wonder to yourself: “Why don’t I commute again?”

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