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The 2018 Purdue Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

 As the first round of Purdue’s Drunk Food Bracket comes to a close, we see our contestants dwindled down to the Final Four — which of your favorite drunk food establishments made it out alive? Take a second to check out who won, and be sure to vote in Round 2.

Jimmy John’s (1) vs. La Hacienda (6)
In Round 2, the ever-so-classic and freaky fast Jimmy John’s faces off against the well-renowned Mexican joint right down the road.

Jimmy John’s:
Two of the best sandwich shops on campus were pitted against each other in the first round, but unless you’re getting drunk before 7 p.m., Potbelly just doesn’t have the late-night, freaky fast delivery that Jimmy John’s does. But can Jimmy John’s beat the seemingly unstoppable margs at LaHa?

La Hacienda:
In the first round, we saw that more conveniently located LaHa was just too tough an opponent for Agave Azul. Who really wants to drive that far for a burrito? But can LaHa’s margs stand up to JJ’s little bits of heaven wrapped in homemade french bread?

Mad Mushroom (2) vs. Famous Frank’s (4)
In what experts are saying could be the closest battle since TSwift went up against Katy Perry, everyone’s favorite pizza joint goes up against the tastiest food truck we’ve ever laid our mouths on.

Mad Mushroom:
It was a no-brainer for Boilermakers to choose what’s been a fan favorite for years — Mad Mush cheesy bread. Yeah, maybe Papa John’s is cheaper, but there’s something ~extra special~ about the orgasm-inducing cheese blend, combined with a hearty ranch dipping sauce that Mad Mush delivers until 2 a.m. But will they beat out the classic American dogs that Famous Frank’s serves up hot on those ever-important weekends?

Famous Frank’s:
In a brutal, knockdown, dragout fight to the death, 4-seed Famous Frank’s beat out 5-seed Two Fella’s in the first round. There’s just something about putting a phallic hunk of meat in your mouth that Boilermakers can’t get enough of. But will the sexual nature of their cuisine top Purdue’s Mad Mush tradition?

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