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5 Last-Minute Costumes No Other Boilermaker Will Wear

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you still haven’t figured out a costume that’s sure to wow your Purdue peers, have no fear. With these oddly-specific costumes, you’re bound to be the life of the party. Just make sure you stay here for Halloweekend so people know what the hell you’re supposed to be.


5.) The late-night WALC janitors who kinda look like characters from Ghostbusters:

What even is that machine strapped to their backs? What is it accomplishing besides making a lot of noise and blowing air around? Why do they only clean during prime study hours? None of these things matter, and this costume is fairly easy because all you really need is street clothes with Ghostbuster costume accessories. You can just construct your own vacuum thingy with a cardboard box, add a nametag that says, “Hello My Name Is Slave to the Wilmeth Active Learning Center” and you’ve got it.


4.) The Boilermaker Special:

Here’s another simple costume, because in reality all you have to do is run around your place of residence screaming at the top of your lungs come 6 a.m. on Halloween morning. Strap a bunch of cardboard boxes with cutout wheels to your ass if you want, but really, all you need to do is annoy everyone at all hours of the day and you’ll be recognized by the general public as everyone’s least favorite on-campus vehicle.

3.) The Freedom Friday Dude:

If you haven’t been too hungover to step out of your room for even five minutes each Friday, you’ve definitely seen the eagle struttin’ his sweet red-white-and-blue ass around campus. Sport an eagle mask and American flag onesie and you’re good to go. The best part about this costume is that you’ll get all the recognition and fame when you walk into a costume party and everyone goes, “HOLY SHIT, it’s the Freedom Friday Guy!” without knowing that you’re just an unoriginal schmuck behind an eagle mask.


2.) Zombie Darrell Hazell:

It’s easy to forget about the shunned former Purdue football coach. But this Halloween, he’s back with a vengeance, Walking Dead style. Okay, so maybe he’s not actually dead, but he’s dead to us — he got FIRED, so like same thing, right? Bonus points if you get a buddy to dress up as a shiny-headed Jeff Brohm angel figure and bless everyone with touchdowns and free booze.


1.) Serial Killer Purdue Pete:

Because normal Purdue Pete is just too basic. Booooor-inggg. This one will take the most preparation, and we’re not sure how easy it will be to pull off. But what you gotta do is wear the most current Purdue Pete mask, and attach a chain to your waist that strings along the all the creepy-ass severed heads/masks of all of Purdue Pete’s past. Those wide, unblinking eyes have seen some shit, and you’re sure to be a hit at the parties.


Have an alcoholic Halloween, Boilers!

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