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9 Tinder Bios For Purdue Engineers Since The One You Have Clearly Isn’t Working

You’re no slouch. You’re good looking(ish), got a big brain, and no how to speak. Even so, any time you spend a night out at Cactus you for some reason turn into a robot who may explode if you look anyone directly in the eyes. Sounds like Tinder is for you. But you’re an engineer, you’re no good with words. Your current bio definitely isn’t working, so here are some that might.

9.) Lady engineers:

Women engineers are a hot commodity with the girl to guy ratio definitely working in their favor. But sometimes as a female engineer, you want to branch out and right swipe on that Philosophy major and be reminded that no matter what degree they are getting, men will still lie about what 8 in. looks like.

8.) Aerospace:

Swipe up for take off.  Swipe left to avoid sexual disappointment.

7.) Chemical engineers:

Breaking Bad innuendos might not be the most original, but let’s face it, you don’t get into engineering for your ability to write poetry or some shit.

6.) Krannert boys:

We like to think that Purdue engineers might be more reliable than the Krannert boys, but a right swipe on this one will still prove to you that despite knowing numbers, they still won’t text back.

5.) Math is everything:

Engineers don’t have time for electives like human sexuality but that doesn’t mean they can’t take what they learn in the classroom to the bedroom.

4.) First year engineering students:

False advertising is part of the Tinder experience. We all know that a first year engineer’s tongue game will be him spelling out the variable constants from his math homework.

3.) Industrial engineers:

We all know that industrial engineers choose IE because it’s the easier route to an engineering degree. If they’re that willing to choose their life path based on what’s easiest, expect them to sit in your match box until you get bored enough to message first.

2.) Those who are too the point:

Girls don’t right swipe on engineers for artful conversation over coffee. They right swipe for the idea that maybe they can put up with them long enough for them to receive their first job offer.

1.) Grad students:

Blow your mind while prematurely blowing his load. Pro Tip: Plan B is only $10 at PUSH.

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