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Hillenbrand Dining Ranked No. 1 ‘OK’ Dining Option in U.S.

U.S. Food Today, one of America’s critically-acclaimed cuisine ranking systems, has voted Hillenbrand Dining Court as the U.S.’s “Most ‘OK’ Campus Dining Option,” boosting Purdue into the upper echelon of dining options. 

Purdue has been teetering on the verge of stardom, but the magazine review has bolstered them into the national spotlight and given them an excuse to be relabeled. 

“Everyone already thinks Purdue is an Ivy league so we thought we’d throw Purdue a bone, yanno? Give ’em something to be proud of?” said Steve Waspman, president of U.S. Food Today

Following an inspection and dining experience, one of U.S. Food Today‘s critics noted that he’s not usually one to be impressed by frozen fries and quesadilla makers, but “there was something about the space that radiated comfort.”

Perplexed, he tried to articulate what exactly made the dining court so friendly: “Maybe it was the oldies rock or the vibrant color scheme — whatever the case, it is clear to me that genuine effort was put into this restaurant and it’s obvious it was designed by a professional. With a small tweak to the menu, I could boost this from two-star to a two-and-a-half stars in no time.”

“Currently, my favorite meal is the Korean noodle bowl,” the critic continued. “I could definitely see myself eating this at 4 p.m. on a daily basis. I also thoroughly enjoyed the pancake breakfast. The breakfast reminded me of Sunday mornings in my hometown and eating with my family. You really did a phenomenal job of turning a cafeteria-style restaurant into a welcoming and friendly environment that oozes no real feelings one way or another.”

This is the first time Hillenbrand has been given the “Most ‘OK’ Campus Dining Option,” by U.S. Food Today. The university was a 2015 finalist for the “Most Likely to Forget What You Had For Lunch” award. 

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