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5 (Mostly) Legal Ways Craigslist Can Help Pay Off Your Student Loans

Being a broke college student is almost as easy to talk about as the weather. It’s going to rain In Indiana? Shocker. You’re poor with $20,000 in college loans? Relatable. However, being in debt isn’t always ideal, so we’ve put together six time-tested, professionally-verified and 100%-guaranteed money-making ways Craiglist can help you slash those loans to mere pennies.

5.) Try getting rid of some unneeded junk:

You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

4.) Sell your neighbor’s house: 

No one on Craigslist would guess you’d sell someone else’s house, that’s what makes it so ingenious! Rake in the cash and then get out of town before Linda beats you up with carrots from her vegetable garden. WE MUST DEMOLISH THE OLD HOUSE. F*** you, Linda.

3.) Make rich friends in the forum:

Craigslist has a fun social media option where you can discuss everything from religion to BDSM. Although the forum is set up like the backend code of a 2005 Tumblr page, there are so many fun people to meet. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone rich and willing to fork over millions to a stranger. Check out the haiku section, there are plenty of romantics.

2.) Try getting a job, loser:

Did you know that you can find jobs on Craigslist? People actually put ads for jobs on there like it’s some sort of rundown, who knew? Notice: Not all jobs are handjobs, some of them are, it just depends on what you’re ok with. Get creative with it.

1.) Take what you can get:

A lot of times people have items they need to get out of their house immediately. Use this to your advantage by buying, flipping and reselling them to someone gullible.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be debt-free in no time!

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