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The October Break Drinking Game for Boilermakers

Finally, it’s October Break, time for students to ditch their last classes on Friday to get some much needed R&R before bracing for midterms. You will spend your fall break in one of three ways – stuck on campus, at your parents’ house, or actually going somewhere fun (although the percentage of students in this category is rather low). Along with the increase of pumpkin spiced everything, there’s a lot of tropes that you can expect to see over the long weekend. The Black Sheep is here to help pass the long weekend the best way we know how – with an October Break drinking game.

What you’ll need:
A good chunk of time that you’ll be able to waste by unproductively scrolling through social media and an alcoholic drink of your choice. Preferable one that follows the fall theme, like pumpkin spiced vodka (i.e. pumpkin spiced regret).

Number of players:
It’s either just you stranded on campus, or you can party it out with your parents (or even your grandma).

Level of intoxication:
There’s a good chance you’ll get drunk enough to forget all the homework and studying you’ll have to catch up on when you come back from break.

How to play:
– Take a shot when you see a tweet about glad someone is that they got out of their hometown.

– Take a drink when you just realize the most productive thing you’ve done this weekend is knockout a couple of seasons on Netflix.

– Take a drink if you’re parents begged you to come home, but they’re not home.

– Take a drink whenever you see someone post a picture of them apple picking or at a pumpkin patch.

– Take a shot if it’s an action shot. For example, throwing leaves into the air, posing with a pumpkin or reaching for an apple.

– Take a drink if you see an Instagram photo of leaves changing.

– Take two shots if you see someone post something about them wishing it was winter or Christmas already. It’s way too early for that nonsense.

The October Break drinking game ends when:
You end up either running through the majestic wonders that is the Target Halloween aisle wearing a toddler’s costume or you end up crying on your bed about the overhyped phenomena of the PSL (pumpkin spiced latte).


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