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You Know You’re a Purdue Senior When…

There are lots of things that students do that are special to West Lafayette, like sledding with couches and waking up way too early to pretend it’s Halloween. But among all these Boilermakers is a type of person that have a set of actions all their own — the Purdue senior. And by “Purdue senior,” we mean the people who are in their last year of college, not the younger folks who say “Oh, well according to myPurdue, I have enough credits to be considered a senior!” Are you graduating within the next 7 months (be it December or May)? No? Then sit your ass back down and respect your elders. The Black Sheep found the following traits that a Purdue senior has.

5.) You refuse to take classes on Fridays… and possibly Mondays:
Nothing says “I’m tired of school” quite like giving yourself a four-day weekend. You’re getting so old that you need ALL of Friday to recover from Cactus Thursday. This schedule won’t prepare you for the real job your parents keep pushing you to get, but let’s leave that problem for post-graduation.

4.) You’re only taking bullshit electives:
Your senior year is the year to take all of those easy electives you’ve heard about. If you’re NOT a senior and considering signing up for these classes, don’t. You’ll want to save flower arranging, bowling, and music appreciation for your final semester. It’s like your reward for making it all the way through college.

3.) You’re only taking 12 credit hours:
Along with taking easy classes, and not having class every weekday, you’re also taking it easy by only signing up for 12 credits. Because, why the hell not? Fewer classes mean fewer exams, and fewer exams mean more time for After School Club and The Great Indoorsman. You’re doing the least you can to make it through your last semester.

2.) You have finally given up on looking presentable for class:
For sophomores and juniors, looking nice for class is a must because your professor could be the key to landing an internship. And they won’t vouch for you if you look like State Street Steve’s cousin. But as a senior, you’ve either already accepted a job, or already plan to move back home, so your professors’ opinions are moot.

1.) You’re doing everything you can to complete your Boilermaker bucket list:
Reality is finally hitting you that you won’t be a college student for much longer, and Purdue has so many traditions that you still want to take part in — seeing the Purdue Christmas Show, taking a ride on the Boilermaker Special, going on ANOTHER fountain run. You won’t have the chance to do these things after this year, so you’re frantically trying to finish them all now.

Being a Purdue senior has its perks, but it’s also a reminder that the best four (or five) years are coming to a close. While reading this article, think back on all the great times you’ve had in your time on campus, and look ahead to your future – specifically at next semester, as you rework your schedule to give yourself a four-day weekend. The Black Sheep‘s hint: take as much as you can online. Boiler Up!


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