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6 Purdue Tattoos That Seem Like a Good Idea After 4 Straight Nights at Neon Cactus

There’s nothing like hitting the ripe age of 21 and hauling ass over to Purdue’s most infamous bar, Neon Cactus. Everything about it is iconic — who doesn’t love a room full of sweaty, drunk frat and srats trying to de-stress from a week of 59 credit hours? If we’ve learned anything from fictional collegiate-focused movies, then we know that “alcohol poisoning” is just a synonym for “fantastic decisions.” Take these people, for example, who now have a permanent reminder of their stupid love for the school by getting these Purdue tattoos.  

6.) This person, whose ringtone is most likely a techno remix of the fight song: 

The sentiment is nice and the calligraphy is on point, but let’s be real: There WILL be some regrets.

5.) This tragedy that comes with a built-in concerned look from your parents: 

The “A” is a protractor. Repeat: THE “A” IS A PROTRACTOR. 

4.) These people who truly “wear their hearts on their sleeves”:  

Not going to lie, these are kind of sweet (in a it’d-be-cool-to-see-one-in-person-and-touch-it kind of way). But we’d never admit that for fear of outing our own hypocrisy.

3.) This mix of circles and lines that only engineers will understand: 

Would using this on an exam be considered cheating? Would we have to wear a long-sleeve shirt while taking our finals? Do these kinds of questions go through the head of someone with this kind of tattoo? 

2.) What even is this?? Someone come get their mans:

Google says that these men are our wrestling team, so good for them for having spunk and passion or whatever.

1.) This person who specifically asked for the angriest portrait of Pete available:

Pete? Oh, he’s definitely in a screamo band. Look at his face: That man obviously has some frustration he needs to let out. If he took up knitting, we’d totally get a tattoo of Purdue Pete knitting a scarf.

Just for fun, here are some activities you can do instead of hitting up the tattoo parlor after The Cactus:

– Vomit into your textbooks.
– Use osmosis to suck up the remaining, vomit-less knowledge by wearing your overpriced literature as a sleeping cap.
– Drink one glass of water and call it self-love.
– Ask a Tinder person to join you for a sleepover in the engineering fountain and when they agree to it (because they’re fucking strange), never show up.

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