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A Spooky Map of Purdue University

It’s that time of the year again – time for Boilermaker girls to feign originality in tweets about oversized sweaters and bonfires, and most importantly, time for spooky memes – or in this case, a spooky map. If your most recent midterm scores didn’t scare you enough, here are some of the spookiest places around campus, just in time for the spookiest season of the year.



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6.) The Bell Tower:

We say this is spooky, because as much as we love Purdue, we can’t imagine anything scarier than the angry red negative sign in front of your bank balance after a victory lap at Purdue. So, if you’re looking to burn an extra $40,000, just take a casual stroll under the Tower’s arches. Plus, it’s PUDM season – meaning that the “cult for a cause” is spending Wednesday night and Thursday day boosting morale through interpretive, white-dad-style dance moves right in front of the Tower. There’s nothing spookier than a poorly-executed sprinkler.


5.) Lion’s Head Fountain:

Drinking from all four heads before an exam or a big interview has been known for years to be a source of good luck to superstitious students around campus – but, especially during Halloween, the fountain is known to have a more mischievous side. It’s been reported that the lions roar when any sad, lonely virgin wanders past so, if you find yourself on a lifelong dry spell, you might want to avoid the area, or maybe just stop being such a nerd and get yourself laid already.

4.) Purdue’s Tunnels:

Purdue’s famous tunnel system features underground passageways that link certain notable buildings on campus, including MSEE to Physics and the Union to Stewart. One of the most mysterious is the passageway that links Phi Delts to Harry’s – supposedly closed off now, legend has it that it was used back when Harry’s was a speakeasy. The real spooky part of the tunnels, though, is that they’ve somehow escaped Purdue’s merciless campus construction, leaving them looking like the damn Chamber of Secrets.


3.) Owen Hall’s High Voltage Utility Room:

A “fun fact” you probably won’t catch your campus tour guide reciting:

“Hey, one time no one noticed a literal dead guy in Owen Hall for like, two months. So, yeah. The cleaning staff here is pretty sub-par and obviously not very observant, but engineering!”

Around 10 years ago, a Purdue freshman was found electrocuted behind high-voltage machinery in one of Owen Hall’s utility rooms – and he’d been lying there for two months, only to be discovered after a resident requested the investigation of high-pitched sound emanating from the room. If that isn’t spooky, we’re not sure what is.


2.) John Purdue’s Grave:

John Purdue’s grave is located on Memorial Mall, but Boilermakers near and far know the legend of the fateful Oaken Bucket game, when the body was supposedly excavated by a group of IU students and later moved to a mysterious location for safekeeping. But, what Purdue students probably don’t know is that John Purdue was a member of the Freemasons – which basically makes him Illuminati. So yeah, one of our school’s founders has the street cred of Kanye. You go, John.


1.) Harrison Cemetery:

Located behind Harrison High School (questionable site planning on the superintendent’s part, we’ll say), Harrison Cemetery is maybe the creepiest place you’ll ever hope to encounter at night – seriously. Upon visiting, our The Black Sheep staff literally didn’t even have the balls to get out of the car. Famous for visitors’ reports of ghostly encounters, including hearing voices, being touched, and feeling like someone is watching, Harrison Cemetery is not the kind of place you want to go to put flowers on your dear grandma’s headstone.


So, as Halloween approaches and the days get spookier and spookier, keep Purdue’s legends in your thoughts – and keep your innocence away from the Lion’s Head.

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