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Top 10 Purdue Parties You’ll Be Drunk at This Year

You’ll encounter a wide variety of party types while pursuing an education at Purdue. The Black Sheep has compiled a list of the top 10 parties and themes you’ll definitely see in your time here. In fact, you’ll probably run into all of these during your first semester.

10.) A.B.C. (Anything But Cups):

Top 10 Parties

The whole idea for this kind of theme party is for people to get creative! Some people take the easy way out and just drink liquor straight from the bottle, but others think outside the box and use things like fishbowls or a bra you can fill with alcohol (buy it here). Really, college students are just very concerned about the environment. It’s all about reduce, reuse, and recycle.

9.) A.B.C. (Anything But Clothes):

Top 10 Parties

The more popular monogrammed theme party requires its attendants to adorn themselves with more nontraditional garb. Women may wrap themselves in caution tape, and men may wear a beer box as a skirt. This kind of theme leave a lot (or very little) to the imagination.

8.) CEOs and Office Hoes:

Top 10 Parties

Now, this theme typically means that guys dress up in some $20 suit they found at Goodwill, and girls wear some mini pencil skirt with a button-up tied into a crop top. But screw the gender norms! Girls, march into that office (read: frat house) like you run the whole show. And boys, don’t be afraid to dress down a little. Hoe it up!

7.) Highlighter:

Top 10 Parties

The gist is pretty simple—wear white and bring bright colored markers. Do not attend this kind of party if you aren’t okay with someone writing something vulgar on your back. Or if you’re the type that passes out first at parties. People will write on your face.

6.) Jersey:

Again, rather self-explanatory. Wear a jersey and get drunk like one of the bros. Requirements for this kind of party include the ability to shotgun a beer and/or do a keg stand. Perks of this party include not having to spend as much time choosing an outfit and being comfortable the entire night as well!

5.) Paint:

Similar to the highlighter party in that a lot of people wear white, different in that it wakes way longer to wash this stuff off. But paint parties just have a different kind of atmosphere than any other. It’s like going to a rave without all the ecstasy (or not, you do you).

4.) Beach:

Top 10 Parties

At Purdue, it’s very likely that a beach party will be planned for the middle of January. But is that going to stop you? Hell no! So throw on that bikini (boys, we’re talking to you too—::wink::) and pretend you’re in sunny Cancun as you binge on Hamm’s and mixed drinks made with Everclear. Nothing says relaxation quite like the worst hangover ever.

3.) Toga:

Since ancient times, bros and girl-bros alike have gathered at the Parthenon to properly celebrate their Greek or Roman heritage. Well, maybe not, but Greeks and GDIs alike understand that there’s no college party quite like the stereotypical toga party. It’s like a real-life Animal House!


2.) Halloween:Top 10 Parties

Not necessarily a “theme” party, but Halloweekend is one of the biggest party weekends at Purdue. Only the bravest of souls will wear as little clothing as possible (and as high a heel as possible) and venture out into the frigid October air. But it’s a weekend long party where no one will judge about what you’re wearing because there’s always someone out there with an even more ridiculous costume.

1.) Tailgate:

Whether you’re breakfast clubbing or doing wake at your buddy fraternity, every Boilermaker gets into the school spirit with a classic tailgate. And bonus, who doesn’t love delicious tailgate food! Nothing says “Boiler Up!” and “IU Sucks!” quite like Purdue tailgating, which is why it earned the top spot in the top 10 parties you’ll go to.

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