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10 Struggles of Being a Commuter at Rutgers

Commuting to college can be hard, especially at Rutgers. But The Black Sheep feels your pain and acknowledges the struggles of a commuting lifestyle.

10.) Parking is a BITCH:
As a commuter, you’ll feel like you spent half your college career trying to find a good parking spot. Some days you don’t mind parking your car in West Bumblefuck of the Yellow Lot on Livi and walking to the bus stop. But when the weather drops below your failing grade average, you’ll creepily stalk other commuters to take their spot. And if the parking lot is small, like the lot behind the College Avenue Gym, the struggle is fighting mini-van moms for spots. The Moms can wait to take their little Jimmys for swimming to avoid childhood obesity because you have to get to class on time.

9.) Where to Go After a Party:
Just because you commute doesn’t mean you don’t party. But the struggle is what to do when the party’s done. The options as to how to spend the night are as follows: crashing in a friend’s dorm, taking the train home drunk, or fall asleep where you’re not supposed to. There’s nothing like sneaking into the Honors College at 3a.m. and falling asleep on their super-soft, overpriced, privileged couches in the lounge and then being kicked out at 5a.m by an RA.

8.) Your Car Becomes a Fridge/Closet/Bed/Hookup Spot:
Without on-campus housing, you have to make the best of what you got. So when you need to change for the gym or store your Henry Diner’s leftovers, your car is the place. As a commuter who lives with their parents, finding a place to screw your boo can be difficult. But it’s always fun to go old school and drive to a secluded area to steam up those windows. You’ll be surprised how many positions you can accomplish in the back seat of your Honda Accord.

7.) Commuter Privileges on Campus Don’t Exist:

The brochures from Freshman Orientation will tell you that the Off Campus Students Association (OCSA) provides services that make being a commuter a bit easier. But eventually you find out that the free monthly breakfasts are way too early, the commuter lounge in the Busch Student Center is out of your way, and the 7 surveys and several discussions you’ve participated in haven’t done jackshit to improve commuting life. Nice try OCSA, nice try.


Thank god it’s spring because when it snows, Rutgers takes a colossal shit on commuters. The parking lots become mountains of snow with small patches of tar in between them. Commuters are pissed as hell and accidents are waiting to happen around every corner—hope you have car insurance.

5.) Money Struggles:
On average, you save about $6,000 as a commuter if you don’t have a meal plan. But before you buy 3 pairs of Yeezys, don’t forget that commuters have to pay for a parking permit, non-dining hall meals, gas money, etc. Of course you’re still saving money, but eventually it becomes traumatic to see your checking account slowly decline every time you want a sandwich from the Rock Café.

4.) Commuting Never Ends:
You’d think that after parking your car, you’d enjoy the nice weather walking from class to class. But at great ol’ Rutgers, the four spread-out campuses allow you to commute even more on the buses! You’ll never to get to enjoy the sun because you’re always in a moving vehicle. So as a commuter, you’re going to hate the buses twice as much as everyone else.

3.) Walks to Your Car After 10:00p.m.:
Most club meetings end at 11p.m. or later so you have to take a late-night walk back to your car. As your Inbox blows up from Paul Fischer’s crime alerts, you clutch your mace in one hand and keys in the other and race to your car. Suddenly every stranger seems suspicious but at the end of the day, your calf muscles are so toned from walking so fast.

2.) Taxi Driver:
One perk of being a commuter is that you can park anywhere after 6p.m., which makes getting to night classes a lot easier. But once your friends hear you have this privilege, you’ll become their personal chauffer to drive them from campus to campus. But giving them free rides scores you guests swipes into the dining hall, so it’s a win-win.

1.) Traffic:
It sucks, but you just have to deal with it. Or ride a bike—it’s still commuting either way.

Commuting to Rutgers isn’t as fun as your mom said it would be but it could be worse. You could be living on campus at TCNJ, but we know you prefer Rutgers any day. Face it, you’re a scarlet knight no matter where you live.

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