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10 Things to Do at an RU Frat Party at Least Once


Do you get bored from the usual Rutgers frat parties? Wish you could spice them up a little bit? Well, you’ve come to the right place because The Black Sheep has the hook-up to make frat parties great again!

10.) Throw Baby Powder in the Middle of the Party:

Nothing screams frat like loose white powder. But now it’s finally legal.


9.) Yell “I dropped my glasses!”:

Turn on the lights, stop the music, and get the partygoers to find your glasses. Even if you don’t wear glasses, it might be a nice way to make friends! This especially works if you’re wearing an orange turtleneck, black-rimmed glasses, and drive around in a van with three other teens and a dog.

8.) Show Off Your Swing Dace/Bachata/Bellydance/Slow Dance Skills:


All those times you went to the general interest meeting for RU dance clubs are finally paying off. You learned one move at these meetings and it’s time for you to show everyone your moves. Feeling romantic? No worries, just try slow dancing. Make sure you pick the douchiest person at the frat to dance with. Preferably someone with a baseball hat on backward.

7.) Play Hide-and-Seek:

Frat basements are a hide-and-seeker’s dream! Note: hiding in the creepy, urine-smelling corners is a sure-fire way to not get caught. Who are you hiding from you ask? Perhaps from finishing that Psych research paper. 


6.) Yell “Fire!”

If it’s getting a little too hot and steamy, just yell fire. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get in their cardio for the day and it will look eerily similar to the students at the Yard when they see the F.

5.) Bring a Blanket

We all know how exhausting frat parties are. So get comfortable and nap periodically throughout the night to ensure the maximum party experience. Try to find a spot away from people sucking face, or a chair without a hole in its seat. 

4.) Dress up as RUPD:

Looking for a power high? Dress up as an RUPD officer and scare everyone at the party. Bang on one of the doors from the outside and watch students scatter like ants. Imagine the look on their faces.

3.) Order 100 pizza Pies from Skinny Vinnie’s to the House:

This might not work if the pizza guy doesn’t have ratio.

2.) Bring a Blow Up Doll:

This will be especially fun for all those people who have trouble hooking up at parties. And a good conversation starter would be how an OIT worker saw you ordering blow up dolls at the computer lab. 

1.) Throw a Fat Sandwich into the Crowd:

Be careful, this will look like a scene from WWE. Only do this when it’s a docile crowd.

Frat parties are boring and overdone. But these ten ways will surely make your next frat party an experience to remember. These are tested and approved, we promise.


WATCH: We made Malort cupcakes. They are bad.



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