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5 Things You Purposely Left Behind on Your Way Back to Rutgers

As you packed your bags with all your winter clothes and home appliances your mom insisted you’ll “need” this semester. By the time you got back to school you realized you left a lot a shit at home, but ya know what? That’s totally fine.

5.) Your Pain in the Ass Family:
Now even though you’re parents can still call and text you daily, nothing will ever be as draining as them constantly nagging at you to put your cereal bowls in the dishwasher and change your socks. You should be glad you get to spend the next few months with a little less parental pressure and lots of dirty bowls.

 4.) Your Stupid Annoying Home Friends:
It was as if they texted you as soon as you crossed the “border-line” back into your hometown. They mean well but getting a text from them everyday gets annoying after a while. Didn’t they make friends at school? Why are people you were barely friends with in high school acting like they’ve known you for years? Whatever, at least they go to school in New Hampshire and won’t ask to visit you on weekends.

 3.) Your Clingy Ex:
Must we even say more? This storm of emotions and drama had to be the worst part about being back at home. Not only did they text you every other night at 2 a.m. It’s not your fault they decided to go to Penn State and you had to break up.

2.) Your Smelly Dog:
Yeah, Marley is super fuzzy and awesome, but he smells like butt. Don’t lie, you’ve thought about sneaking the dog in your suitcase a few times this week, but ultimately you’re okay with him not being around stinking up your tiny dorm.

 1.) Your Entire Bathroom:
Ready to leave the cleanliness of home for the bathrooms in Clothier where people shit in the sink and puke in the showers? Yes, bring it on. After a month of not wearing flip-flops in the shower you realized you truly missed being disgusting. No where else can you blame your poor hygiene on someone else.

Whether you like it or not you’re back at the RUT. Classes are starting, Krispy’s Pizza is calling your name, and you won’t see home for an extended time until May. And that’s probably a good thing, even if someone just had sex in the men’s bathroom.

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